Occultic;Nine 07

Remember the review of last week’s episode? Yeah, forget that apparently. It’s rare to see a show jump around in narrative quality so much, so quickly, that it can be hard to know what to make of it.

“The Dream’s Dream”

(Obviously big spoilers right off the top here.)

So they’re all dead, our nine main characters – and many other people that they interact with too it seems. And now there’s another main character who has taken over investigating. It’s just rather impressive that this shift and how it’s being handled provides such a huge boost to the plot at large. I would expect the Sixth Sense twist to be a little ham-fisted by this point, but it really carries here because of how the series has set us up. There are a number of weird, seemingly impossible things going on in this Occultic world, and this kind of thing fits right in. Let’s take a look in to some of the details.

That awkward excuse for a narrative that was last week’s episode actually set in motion the explanation for this whole scenario quite well. We know how our main characters died to a degree – they walked in to the lake, or were otherwise placed there. We also know that they must have been members of the experiment that resulted in these deaths. The question is how are they still conscious in any way? Well that is exactly what that weirdly evil medical (?) company was working on. They’re trying to find a way to live forever beyond the body, but so far it hasn’t gone too well. If this is what is happening to our cast, it looks like they’ve been separated from their bodies in to something more ethereal. Not exactly ghosts, but pretty close. It’s an interestingly played twist if it can be worked out right, and it has a certain kind of sci-fi bend to it that I really enjoy.

The strangest part about this development is the characters’ reactions with the real world. They’re not in some alternate realm full of ghosts, and certain people seem to be able to interact with them to some degree. Yuta even runs in to some people near the end and they feel it, but can’t see him. I would say that ain’t dead. Plus the situation with the ‘devil’ Kiryuu gets a little more interesting here. He has out-of-body experiences that are very similar to the kind of death the others are experiencing and it stems from an incident at a factory owned by the same evil corporation or something like that. It’s all coming together. Let’s just hope that next week isn’t another downturn, because this series is swinging back and forth harder than my brain can take.

Episode Score
8.9/10 (Surprising)

Summary: An intriguing twist pulls the plot back in to focus.

Must be one of those 4D theaters.

Extra thoughts:
– You’re probably not invisible, people are just jerks.
– Ok you’re invisible but people are still jerks.
– This is still totally ridiculous.
– Kitty~!
– El Psy Kongroo!? What is this show?

Next time: “Happiness is a Warm Gun”



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