Dragon Ball Super 66

Is this the end of the evil god Zamasu, and the beginning of a new age of fusion?

“The Climactic Battle! The Miraculous Power of a Relentless Warrior”

This episode is a lot of what’s right about Dragon Ball Super. It doesn’t waste time, there’s plenty of nostalgia, and when the budget is there (every few episodes maybe) it looks great1. For example, the kamehameha continued from last time feels as intense as any old Dragon Ball Z episode and it has the visual prowess to back it up. It continues the theme of this series being great in its intentions but clearly strained under the burden of continuous weekly episodes. You can’t win ’em all, but Toei seems to know where the key victories are and is nailing those.

Zamasu proves his worth as a Dragon Ball villain in this final battle. He’s complicated, conflicted, and out-right mad. Even the explanation for his sudden vulnerability is just perfect, and the fact that he tries to spin it in to a reason for him to continue on his evil path is very much in the style of previous villains. The classic “my weakness only makes me stronger” bluff. If there was going to be any way to get out of his immortality, this is by far the best way to do it – and he did it to himself in his lust for power.

We’ve been waiting a while for the return of Goku x Vegeta fusion. There are a few problems with this go at it, but overall it is quite satisfying. The action animation is the best it has been in a long while and in greater volume than probably any other time in this series. There’s really nothing to complain about there – it looks amazing. What does come in to question is the use of the Potara earrings. Dragon Ball Z was pretty set on the earring-based fusion being permanent. It had consequence as a last resort strategy that sacrificed the individuality of the two users. But now it is merely an hour fusion for non-Supreme Kais. With this kind of precedent, what’s to stop them from fusing during every battle from now on (other than their dislike for one another)? In this new canon there is one thing I really did appreciate, and it’s how going super saiyan or higher while fused severely reduces the time the fusion lasts. But a few minutes of ‘Vegito Blue’ far outweighs any of the drawbacks to how it all came to be, and hopefully this means more of him in the future. I had been hoping that maybe Goku and Vegeta would learn the fusion dance, but it seems almost irrelevant now. Either way, fusion is a lot of fun.

It makes sense that Trunks should be the one to deal the final blow, and despite the overwhelming urge to comment on the still very large power gap between him and Zamasu, I think it really works this way. The fact that a sword can cut a god in half is kind of silly, but the way it’s powered up before the final strikes solves a lot of that silliness. In this case though, he channels a spirit bomb in to his sword without really even realizing what is going on – and that is pretty cool. It’s been a long time since the spirit bomb has come in to play (sorry Buu) and although this instance removed a lot of the tradition it did so in a good way. In fact it’s hard to imagine why someone like Goku doesn’t gather up spirit energy for every potentially world-ending battle from the beginning. Trunks has a particular connection to the people of his timeline and the lives he’s saved so it’s only right that they play a part in this finale. In the end this is still the most believable Future Trunks ending I could have hoped for in this arc, if it truly is over. With the preview for next week in mind, are we done with Future Trunks for good?

Episode Score
8.6/10 (Very Good)

Summary: Is this the true end to Zamasu? It seems a fitting way to end his story, but that means saying goodbye to Future Trunks as well.

“We’ve been saving up for this.”

Extra thoughts:
1Better than horrible.
– Will closing a big metal door really save you?
– I’m the kid asking if they’re going to lose again.
– The fusion itself was kind of meh.
– I love the fusion voices.
– Anything you can do, I can do better.
– Classic Vegito face.
– The Cell games kamehameha was far more final than that.
– Kitty!
– He’ll be back. It’s only a flesh wound.

Next time: “With New Hope!! In Our Hearts Farewell, Trunks”


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