Occultic;Nine 06

There is a certain amount of mystery and confusion that a good drama needs to work. This episode is probably not a good example of that.

“She Took A Long Cold Look”

It feels like there is a lot of information flying around in this episode – and that’s not really a good thing. Most of it seems rather arbitrary, as if there just needs to be a thousand words per minute. Right off the top we get the ‘kotoribako’ – a box used to hold sacrifices for cursing people, I think. It also seemed so haphazardly connected to the greater plot at large, merely giving us an out for Miyu’s missing friend and to randomly introduce the white-haired boy. I just don’t know where any of this came from.

Again, Aria is the most interesting of the characters so far, to the point that her plot-line tends to steal the episode. Her background is incredibly well fleshed out, and her current motives are just sketchy enough that it leaves us guessing. In this episode in particular, the confrontation with Moritsuka stands out. He really calls her on everything that defines her personality to the point that it elicits a rather powerful reaction out of her. It’s a super harsh exchange, but it’s also clear what doors that opens up for Moritsuka’s investigation. If he can get the girl with a devil to curse him, it could be the easiest way to draw out her companion. Or so I thought, until he just nonchalantly addresses him while crossing the street. What’s the deal there?

The meeting of the oddly dark and sinister medical council (with the EMS symbol, kinda)  is an interesting turn for this series. Fortunately for us, the bad guys generally like to explain their plots to each other as if they don’t already know what’s going on – the 256 bodies were a result of their failed test. The vibe of eternal life and the singularity coming from this meeting is neat, but of course they had to refer it back to Nikola Tesla. Even the group of scientists using the occult as a cover can’t help but be kind of tied to vaguely occultic (it’s in the title, so it’s a word) actions. But it also muddies the water a little bit, pulling these pretty obvious bad guys out of the paranormal occurrences we’ve been getting a taste of for the first half of this series and then dismissing it. There might be a few too many layers going on here, and I’m betting that I’ve missed a few too due to the wicked pace.

The cliffhanger saves me from the despair of the rest of the episode once again, just as the previews for the next week are so wonderfully done. It’s quite an interesting turn, with our main character being found among the dead bodies in the lake. Where exactly that will take us I can’t even begin to speculate on, but it is rather satisfying watching this main character have oddly horrible or confusing things happen to him.

Episode Score
5.9/10 (Below Average)

Summary: If you like words, this series has them. Lots of them. The best words. Otherwise, more confusion about the occult rises out of the lake.


Extra thoughts:
– That info dump right off the top.
– Hey devil, those lights weren’t cheap.
– Just because you’re a minor doesn’t mean it isn’t a crime…
What’s in the box!?
– Please don’t put your hand in the- oh, OK then.
– If they’re trying to look evil, it’s working.
– Did they really spin that shot around that many times…
– The ED is really catchy at least.

Next time: “The Dream’s Dream”



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