Doctor Strange (2016) Review

As an aside from anime, let us take a quick look in to the world of western entertainment’s idea of what a Dragon Ball Z movie could have been, mixed with Inception. 


The latest entry in to the now 14-film Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange is a fantastic ride through the mystical side of super-hero powers. Benedict Cumberbatch, minus British accent, channels his best Chris Pratt and really pulls it off. His usual charm is there, with the expected Marvel quips and comedic moments. The entire cast nails it in the most Marvel way possible. But what really sells this entry is the action and effects. It’s what Inception could have done with its great concepts. Sure the world is malleable in the dream, but here it can do anything and there is Dragon Ball Z-like action in that crazy world.

No spoilers, but it is good to know that the film is also well connected to the greater Marvel universe at large, with plenty of references and even direct relation to the overall arch leading to Infinity War. Also, always stick around for the mid-credits and post-credits scenes. You should know this by now. It might not have been the spy-thriller that was Winter Soldier, or the pure comedy of Ant-Man, but Doctor Strange is a strange kind of fun.

Movie Score
8.6/10 (Very Good)

Summary: Marvel meets magic, and it works.


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