Fall 2016 Weekly Reactions (Nov 6-12)

This week could include the downfall of humanity as one of its more interesting events, but anime will live on forever. And in the dystopian wasteland of Wednesday onward, subs over dubs will be the rallying cry of our faction. In other words, go vote if you’re American. Woops. (Update Nov 11Hibike! Euphonium S2 06)

Elections and the fate of our existence aside, it’s time for another week of fall anime. The general consensus on quality seems to be pretty good so far, with Yuri!!! on Ice being the smash hit on the new series front. In other news, this is our 200th post here at Clouded! There’s a lot more to come and big plans in the works, but for now here’s the coverage from Cloudy.

Dragon Ball Super

Most Recent Episode: 65
“Is This the Final Judgement!? The Ultimate Power of the Absolute God”
Summary: Zamasu might be the most powerful being ever to exist, but that doesn’t mean Trunks isn’t going to put up a fight and be moderately successful. This is an episode that defines inconsistency.

This episode could have been a lot better. It’s still kind of meandering before the final battle, with the most obvious plot twist spoiled for next week in the preview [it’s Vegito]. Something to look forward to for sure, but in the meantime these build-up episodes need a lot of work.
6.4/10 (Pretty much what you would expect)

Is This the Final Judgement!? The Ultimate Power of the Absolute God

Hibike Euphonium

Most Recent Episode: 06 
“Rainy Conductor”
Summary: Everyone tries to make some romantic headway at the school festival. Some people are just harder to reach than others – especially if you’re after your teacher.

The quality remains high, as expected. I’m still probably over-invested in Kumiko’s romantic life. Shuichi is her childhood friend though, and that’s a pretty big nail in the coffin (and Reina is hammering it in). But that’s not really the focus of the series. Let’s get back on the road to nationals, and all the drama that unfolds along the way!
8.8/10 (Very Good)

Challenge accepted.


Most Recent Episode: 06
“She Took A Long Cold Look”
Summary: If you like words, this series has them. Lots of them. The best words. Otherwise, more confusion about the occult rises out of the lake.

This series is really swinging back and forth pretty far in terms of overall quality. It feels almost parody at times, and then overly honest at others as well. But despite these hilarious flaws, it still has quite a bit of charm and decently interesting characters. Don’t forget the cliffhangers too. I just don’t always want to be waiting for next week for it to be good.
5.9/10 (Below Average)

What else did you expect?


(Keep checking back here for extra thoughts on shows not being covered by full reviews.)

Doctor Strange (2016), Marvel Studios – The latest entry in to the now 14-film Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange is a fantastic ride through the mystical side of super-hero powers. Benedict Cumberbatch, minus British accent, channels his best Chris Pratt and really pulls it off. His usual charm is there, with the expected Marvel quips and comedic moments. The entire cast nails it in the most Marvel way possible. But what really sells this entry is the action and effects. It’s what Inception could have done with its great concepts. Sure the world is malleable in the dream, but here it can do anything and there is Dragon Ball Z-like action in that crazy world. No spoilers, but it is good to know that the film is also well connected to the greater Marvel universe at large, with plenty of references and even direct relation to the overall arch leading to Infinity War. Also, always stick around for the mid-credits and post-credits scenes. You should know this by now. It might not have been the spy-thriller that was Winter Soldier, or the pure comedy of Ant-Man, but Doctor Strange is a strange kind of good.
8.6/10 (Very Good)

Another hit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Anime-fan worthy.

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