Dragon Ball Super 65

Did you expect this week to be the real, exciting battle against the super god Zamasu? You should know better than that by now.

“Is This the Final Judgement!? The Ultimate Power of the Absolute God”

No, this was not the final judgement, because next week is the climactic battle! This was more of a statement of Zamasu’s crazy power, but it was all just a little weird. Although it wasn’t nearly as much just standing around like last week, not much really happened. The appeal to the resilience of mortals was a nice little touch throughout the episode, but it fell pretty flat against a rather flat display of power from the main villain.

Do we still need demonstrations of strength and the old trope of “we got him, but oh no he’s still there!?” I don’t really think so. We know that Zamasu is strong, and crazy, but does he have to undermine his entire plan to show us? He has built up his whole idea of the zero mortal plan for the sake of continuing life without human-like beings messing it all up. The problem is, he’s messing it all up. There’s some serious world-destruction going on here that the birds and fish and cute little bunnies can’t be so happy about. The one thing here that hasn’t been made clear to us is if Zamasu is still aiming for that universal justice or if he has gone completely mad. He even mentions creating a world for gods only, but in this timeline he has killed every single other god. He’s the only one left. It’s all just a little weird.

There were three instances of “my energy beam is better than yours” in this episode, where in both cases the saiyans seemed to win out of sheer willpower. The gallick-gun moment was pretty cool, despite Trunks being wildly under-powered and that his attacks should be laughable against Zamasu. Having his father stand up next to him and really do all the work was a nice touch. But most of the ‘battle’ in this episode was ridiculous. What even was that giant somewhat-sentient cloud thing that groaned as Goku and Vegeta blasted through it? Even the animation in these scenes was the same old kind of shoddy / kind of cool duality. So once again we look to the next battle to be the redeeming factor of this arc, because it has potential and, massive but obvious spoiler-> Vegito.

Episode Score
6.4/10 (Par for the DBS Course)

Summary: Zamasu might be the most powerful being ever to exist, but that doesn’t mean Trunks isn’t going to put up a fight and be moderately successful. This is an episode that defines inconsistency.


Extra thoughts:
– Super serious opening… super comical title background music.
– Not the best time to be hiding right underneath a battle.
– If you insist.
Android 8!?
– If this is the ultimate power of an absolute god, it’s kinda meh.

Next time: “The Climactic Battle! The Miraculous Power of a Relentless Warrior”

No images because of the hilarious spoiler that for once the title doesn’t quite give away!


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