Occultic;Nine 05

The pace takes a bit of a breath this week as the team of nine is almost assembled. You might also need some code-breaking skills to figure out where the plot is going.

“She’s Lost Control”

Not all that much happened this week, somehow. After all the insanity of the first few episodes, it was all pretty calm here. Sarai and Moritsuka kept the pressure up with Yuuta, but that was about it. Codes were cracked with ease and it was all just so obvious, but still very few answers were to be had. Judging by the preview for next week, which always looks amazing in that ending sequence, I might even call this a set-up episode.

The best thing going in this series so far is the character treatment. Even though one of them is a ridiculously trope-laden bounce fest, most of the cast is pretty well fleshed out. They all kind of fit a certain category to create a standard rag-tag anime team, but they’re put together in interesting enough ways. I genuinely feel for Aria and that she’s being taken advantage of, and Moritsuka is an entertaining detective. Even the main character makes pretty good sense in his actions. The fact that the assembly of this team is a little haphazard and filled with potential frenemies is really what’s holding it all together. It is a mystery after all, and keeping us guessing about each character’s true motivation and allegiance is a useful tool for narrative.

I had praised the animation and art of this series a bit in my previous reviews, and although the art is still quite striking at times, I couldn’t say the same about the general flow in this episode. There were so many random camera angles that it felt like the director couldn’t think of anything actually worthwhile to make the shots interesting. It felt jarring and obviously intentional at the same time.

Episode Score
6.8/10 (Average)

Summary: After several episodes filled with crazy twists and interesting character development, this seemed a little tame.

Tea and a stress toy.

Extra thoughts:
– This definitely is an anime. Trope be damned.
– If the key fits; which it definitely won’t.
That drink does look horribly pukey.
– “We’re both going to leave for plot reasons!”
– Even ghost dude notices the insanity.
– Just tell Sarai you have the key already.

Next time: “She Took A Long Cold Look”



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