Dragon Ball Super 64

Plenty of posturing in this one as pretty much everyone stalls for time. Maybe the big fight will be next episode? That or more time travel.

“Revere Him! Praise Him! Fusion Zamasu’s Explosive Birth!!”

Ah, the classic spoiling of the entire episode in its title cliche. This really is the classic Dragon Ball we’ve always wanted. In that vein, it was also a pretty inconsequential episode when it came down to it. Zamasu’s explosive fusion-birth occurred in the last few minutes with rather little fanfare, so it’s really next week that we’re looking forward to for some actual substance.

The mafuba (evil containment wave) was the most interesting part of this stalling for time episode. Though with the title of the episode apparent to us, my faith in its success was firmly in the negative. But worse still. where did it come from all of a sudden that Trunks would be the one to do it? And didn’t Goku, who is super powerful and actually knew the move existed before this, have a hard time perfecting it even with proper instruction? It was all such an odd thing to watch, as it got played mostly for comedy. I could imagine Piccolo having a move-demonstration channel on YouTube though – he doesn’t do much else with his time anymore. While we’re on the topic of odd ways to buy some time, what was going on with Zamasu-Black and his random extra-dimensional copies? It was probably the fastest introduction and subsequent dismissal of a somewhat useful technique that I have ever seen. Even the scythe of hatred was a one-off.

After praising last week’s direction and nuance to such a high degree, this episode turned out to be a hilarious contrast. There was a lot of standing around, moves that made no sense, strange cuts, and obvious attempts at comedy that fell flat. It can definitely be difficult to run a continuous series like this, but it’s been on a run up to some pretty key moments in the arc after an already significant amount of stalling. Well, there’s always next week. At least the title for it isn’t “Super Saiyan Gods Combine! Counter Fusion with Fusion!!”, even though it’s definitely going to happen.

Episode Score
6.5/10 (95% Filler)

Summary: Although there was some fun action, and a momentary take-down of Zamasu, nothing of consequence happened in this episode until the last two minutes. You could just read the title and be good to go for next week.

It’s more fun when they dance.

Extra thoughts:
– An energy scythe? What is this show?
– Oh, it cuts a hole in reality.
– How was Bulma not just immediately disintegrated?
– Ok, this stance made me laugh, even if just for the history.
– Trunks was pretty good on his first mafuba ever.

Next time: “Is This the Final Judgement!? The Ultimate Power of the Absolute God”


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