Occultic;Nine 04

Gamon has to sacrifice the thing he loves most (page views, probably) to keep his dark secrets safe. Meanwhile, the main players are getting closer to each other with every episode.

“Psycho Daisies”

Yuuta (Gamon) looked like quite a different character this week, and it was very impressive how episode managed to convey that. It began pretty subtly, with his usual conspiracy theories about the occult and his manic blog-writing. As an aside, that’s clearly what all blog writers are like when writing, definitely. But his conspiracies turned toward a more logical alternative like mass suicide, instead of the occult-driven mass hypnosis. He even went all-out to claim that his blog was actually an anti-occult site in some kind of roundabout logic. Clearly the incident with Hashigami is getting to the deepest parts of his sense of self. The occult isn’t just something to trot out for page views any more – it is very much real.

The website in question, Kiri Kiri Basara, managed to pull the whole episode together with several major characters now referencing it. Touko Sumikaze seems to be a fan, or at least sees a bit of a lead in to a case she is working on. We can pretty much assume that she’s talking about the Hashigami case. In a much stranger move though, the website is brought up again as the cliffhanger of the episode. I could imagine a murder victim’s son being interested in news about his father, but chasing down conspiracy bloggers really doesn’t seem like the most logical course of action. At this point, the only person not apparently interested in Yuuta’s blog is the actual investigator for the case. Surely that is about to change.

The details discussed above show that an exceptional amount of skill went in to directing this kind of episode, with wonderfully subtle ties to keep it all together. And among all of that there are extra little developments for some of our major characters, like Miyu dealing with her friend’s disappearance and how Aria met her devil. It’s quite an interesting power, being able to die and become a ghost over and over. It’s hard to say what kind of connection these people might form without too much of a hint yet towards a common goal or enemy – but the mystery is working well. What is clear is that with all of their powers and personalities, they’re bound to form an intriguing team of unstoppable misfits. There are nine of them after all.

Episode Score
7.7/10 (Good)

Summary: Everyone seems to be gravitating towards Kiri Kiri Basara. If Gamota can stop checking locks for a minute, perhaps he could focus them as a powerful force against the occult?


Extra thoughts:
– Gamon made a quick recovery from his insanity.
– Who the hell is this bouncing appeasing?
– “My radio is a girl that talks to me” = you need help.
– Even the radio girl understands that.
– The devil isn’t all bad.
– Nice wallpaper.
– He’s still just trying random locks!?

Next time: “She’s Lost Control”

Did they… run out of money on this one?

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