Hibike! Euphonium S2 – 04

I hope you’re ready for tears, because this episode is full of them. Lesson of the week is to never assume that you know what is going on in someone else’s head. Next stop, Kansai competition.

“Awakening Oboe”

Well that had to be one of the most emotional misunderstandings in recent anime history. It built up incredibly well, and the way it finally paid off was definitely worth it – and only ten days before the Kansai competition! It’s also a bit hard to pin down exactly who was at fault in the tangle of people involved, but I will do my best to address all of the players.

The only one we know did nothing wrong here is Kumiko, our wonderful observer and gossip hoarder. As for Mizore, the center of all the controversy, she takes most of the blame here. I can understand the problems with talking to those you don’t know very well, and general anxiety, but she asked a bunch of people she doesn’t really care for about Nozomi before Nozomi herself! That seems like a bit of obvious ‘writer magic’ that we weren’t supposed to notice. With that excused though, I don’t see why Mizore didn’t just quit the band as well when she found out about her best friend leaving. If Nozomi were really all she had, why did she not follow along anyway? Yuko is an interesting little aside in all of this, as Mizore essentially does the same thing to her as Nozomi did to Mizore – she assumed. Never assume anything! As for Nozomi’s part in this, she carries a bit of blame as well, but her side of the story is much more understandable. She didn’t want to take Mizore away from something that she was so good at and worked so hard towards – and I can understand that. But there’s also no way that having so many friends stopped her from noticing that Mizore only had her. It’s just the perfect storm of awkward social misunderstandings.

There is one thing that happened this episode that I did not expect from this series. It made me actually dislike one of the characters. I can’t even begin to express how much Asuka has been screwing this whole situation up for so long. She may not have known that Mizore secretly missed Nozomi, and that their reunion would be a good thing for the band after all, but she totally manipulated the situation to keep a tense status-quo. That’s pretty horrible. The worst part is when Kumiko questions her about it afterwards, and she says Yuko was just insurance for Mizore’s loneliness! So she knew all along that bringing Nozomi back would have solved the problem! What was the problem then!? Now that Mizore is playing her solo with more emotion, and reunited with her best friend, it could have been Asuka’s fault if the band did not move on if it all hinged on the character of that solo. There is likely more than we can understand going on in that head of hers, but time will likely reveal all.

Well now that’s out of the way, it’s time to get on to the competition! Unlike the first season, which only focused on the local competition, this one is heading through the Kansai competition all the way to nationals for sure. It should be fun to get more music in now that some big drama is out of the way. But there are definite hints at more drama to come, and the awkward situation between Reina and Taki-sensei is still looming large. Oh, and does Nozomi at least get to join the support crew now?

Episode Score
9.4/10 (Too Good)

Summary: An extremely emotional misunderstanding is finally resolved and the band is better off for it, with only ten days left until the Kansai competition!

That hurts.

Extra thoughts:
This is what it feels like to stand in front of a band.
– What was with her sister?
– I was so afraid for her euph when she left to run after Nozomi.
– Getting some more serious yuri vibes again.
– Natsuki is so tsundere.
– Oh ya, Reina was in this episode for a bit.

Time to get it together.


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