Occultic;Nine 03

All of these strange events are definitely linked together. Wouldn’t be much of a show if they weren’t. But it’s the characters that are driving the plot forward, and they’re all filling out nicely.

“She Cracked”

This inspector Moritsuka might be my preferred lead so far. His conversation with the mysterious Ririka Nishizono was expertly crafted and really played to the fast-paced delivery style excellently. It is yet to be seen how much he truly believes in the occult or any paranormal activity, but he definitely alludes to it a few times. Yuuta might be set up as the fish-out-of-water character that we can relate to in the upcoming paranormal insanity, but Moritsuka is for all the people not even mildly phased by it. He just wants to do his job, and damn is he ever smooth.

So-called ‘crazy scientists’ depicted in shows like this tend to love Nikola Tesla. I can understand why he seems like a great inspiration for the somewhat whacky variety, but his discoveries and inventions are around you right now in almost every capacity. Known for espousing direct current, like the Tesla coil, he was really one of the modern founders of working alternating current supply systems. But very few things actually run on AC, as most electrical appliances require a direct current to stay on continuously. Tesla was also one of the first to research in to wireless communications (1893!) and wireless electricity. You might be using WiFi right now with no thought, but more interesting is the fact that you might be charging your phone on a wireless charging station – Tesla would be proud. Long story short, he’s a favorite of the mad scientist community, despite being a lot more mainstream than they care to notice.

The other main character we got a deeper look in to this week is Aria Kureinaino, formerly Ria Minase. I’ve seen the bro-con type before, but this is an all new level. It’s all so wonderfully grim and sets up her current situation quite well.  I do wonder though why her brother had to go off to work when they really could have just downsized and lived quite well for a long time. That house had to be worth a fortune and a half. Either way, this dark past leads us to question her sanity a bit more than even the dark arts rituals, and could have something to do with the ‘devil’ that accompanies her. Top secondary-character by far, if they weren’t all kind of main characters. I am looking forward to them all coming together in the future though, as that is of course inevitable.

After what has become the standard “3-episode test,” I can definitely say that I’m in for the long haul on this one. It’s almost as if the creators knew people tend to use that metric when they tied the opening scene together with a cliffhanger for the fourth episode. Even if this turns out to be a stinker, this season could use some grim insanity in light of all the cute and heartwarming fare.

Episode Score:
7.4/10 (Good)

Summary: Things are getting serious, and while Yuuta loses his cool, Inspector Moritsuka ups his game to another level of smooth. The Occult might be real after all.

Extra thoughts:
– The bartender is mysterious too. Oh no!
– She’s a total bro-con.
– Wow she’s had a rough time.
– The sound that made when she knocked his body over…
– Is that one of those Sany Vaids?
– Sure, just try any keyhole.
– “Filling out nicely” is not a boob joke! But I do laugh every time she moves.

Next time: “Psycho Daisies”




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