Fall 2016 Weekly Reactions (Oct 23-29)

With this, the first of the weekly reactions in the new style, we look to the future! Check back here as episodes air to see thoughts and reactions in a brief format. No need to wait until the end of the week any more! (Update Oct 29: Occultic;Nine 04)

It has yet to be decided how this will be displayed on the page throughout the week. Currently it is up as a sticky, but that takes up quite a bit of space. Another option is to put it near the top of the main side-bar, if not right at the top. If you have any thoughts, be sure to share them! Also, there will be some placeholder images from the previous week for each series, just to keep it colorful.

And without further adieu, the anime.

Dragon Ball Super

Most Recent Episode: 63
Summary: This is what Dragon Ball should be – epic fights with suped-up saiyans, interesting twists, and Bulma being Bulma.

This is a great direction for this series. Not only that, but the actual directing was quite good for this entry. Dialogue was well-timed and the fight scenes were fun and exciting – plus it never hurts for the saiyans to be a little more serious and angry! They’ve seemed so carefree for so long. The score really got bonus points for improved fight animations too.
8.7/10 (Very Good)

Is this finally Vegeta’s time to win?

Hibike! Euphonium S2

Most Recent Episode: 04 “Awakening Oboe”
Summary: An extremely emotional misunderstanding is finally resolved and the band is better off for it, with only ten days left until the Kansai competition!

Looks like the Nozomi-Mizore drama is behind us. It was all very emotional, and also kind of Asuka’s fault for letting it get so bad! In fact, it’s kind of strange that nobody stepped in to help their friends out here, considering the outcome was so positive for those involved and the band as a whole. That’s kind of par for the course in real life high school music drama though. This was just far more cute. Well, time to get back to the music. With only ten days until the Kansai competition, they better be giving it their all!
9.4/10 (Too Good)

“I didn’t see nothing”


Most Recent Episode: 04 “Psycho Daisies”
Summary: Everyone seems to be gravitating towards Kiri Kiri Basara. If Gamota can stop checking locks for a minute, perhaps he could focus them as a powerful force against the occult?

The direction of this series has really taken a few good steps up since the premiere. With nine (obviously) character stories weaving together quite well, I’m excited to see how it all finally links in to the solution to the murder mystery at hand. These episodes get a better score for their technical and directing efforts, but it’s still a bit too frenetic and cliche at times. That will likely grow on me if the plot continues to thicken properly. The bouncing will likely not.
7.7/10 (Just Good)

This is what it looks like writing reviews.


World of Final Fantasy

This might not be strictly anime, but it is by far the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. This video has a nendoroid-like Cloud, Squall, and other big Final Fantasy names dancing with some impressive skill. I have yet to play the game itself, but it is now much higher on my list after seeing this. No spoilers in the video, even though it is the end credits – just dancing. Oh and the song is super catchy too.
11.5/10 (So, so cute)


Keep checking back here for extra thoughts on shows not being covered by full reviews.

Just look at how happy Squall is!

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