Fall 2016 Weekly Reactions (Oct 16-22)

Here we have the first of our new weekly reaction posts for Fall 2016! The format has changed a bit, and it might change a bit more in the future! Change is good.

Most notably, there is no more number sequence denoting the week of the season. If there were, this would be around 3 or so, but that has a tendency to get confusing. Instead, It makes more sense for the weekly reaction posts to be a kind of on-going, updating take on the week as it happens. That will be the eventual new format, but for now, let’s just take a look at where we are up to this point.

It is of my, Cloudy’s, personal opinion that this fall season is one of the weaker in recent memories. Mirroring the west somewhat, fall is the start of big new properties (leading to many cancellations) and is the time of year when we all come in from a summer of being outside to sit in front of the warmth of the glowing box. Although you can now watch TV outside quite easily, and the radiation box is now more of a plate of harmless electro-glass, this tradition continues. But why do I think this season is slouching compared to its predecessors? Sequels, mostly. Now I really do enjoy a great sequel to a great series, but the vast majority of what we’re getting this season is what I would call ‘safe’ material. Guaranteed money machines that will sell Blu-rays people will watch over and over, generally not for the plot. This type of anime needs to exist, because it helps fund the experiments. Without the safety net of service, sports, giant robots and cute girls doing cute things (all pretty good things in their own right), there’s no industry. For that reason, let us enjoy what we will for the time being and watch some great anime, even if the quantity isn’t where it has been in the past.

With that said, four out of five of our current series are technically sequels!? Holy hell. DBS is a continuation of Dragon Ball, obviously. Hibike! Euphonium S2<– is all in the name. Occultic;Nine is in the series of semi-colon related series, even if not all that related. The Naruto Shippuden binge needs no explanation, and yes is still being worked on. And finally, ReLIFE is the only original, and hasn’t had a review since July 29th!? I better get on that.

Anyway, on to the shows! In order of airing.

Dragon Ball Super 

Most Recent Episode: 62
Fed up with bashing their heads against the invulnerable, the team decides to actually think their options through for a moment – Beerus has other plans in mind.

The future Trunks arc continues – and now you can even watch it officially on Crunchyroll! Now up to episode 63, things are starting to get pretty good. It’s been an odd arc, with a lot of back and forth to the future. Goku and Vegeta (and Trunks) have been beaten severely several times, but they’re finally putting up a fight! Is Vegeta finally going to get his long-awaited arc-ending victory? Or is Goku going to get all the glory once again? We can probably all take an easy guess at that one. Either way, Zamasu has become a pretty interesting villain from pretty humble and mysterious beginnings. If this is a sign of an upswing for Dragon Ball plots going forward, I am quite content.
General score: 7.5/10 (Moving on up)
MAL Average: 7.36

Is it finally Vegeta’s time!?

Hibike! Euphonium S2 

Most Recent Episode: 03
Kumiko is handed almost every secret this band has to offer. Can a scene be both super tense and super cute? Yes, apparently.

Definitely check out the first impressions for this series, as there isn’t enough space here to properly convey how good this series is. You want cute? You got it. Band geek? This is your show. Total high school drama? No better place. Yuri-overtones? Hey now, this is about musical overtones! But yes. Up to where we are now, it’s going at a fantastic pace. The drama is building slowly, and our euphonium-playing lead is right in the center of it all. Personally, I would tell that oboe player to suck it up for the betterment of the band, but I’m not known to be the sensitive type. If you want to be a professional, you have to learn how to work with anyone. If you are or ever were in a high school band and never got involved in this kind of drama, trust me, it exists in some capacity in every band. Yeah, I’m looking at you too, New York Philharmonic.
Score so far: 9/10 (Worth every second)
MAL Average: 8.19

Band life moments.


Most Recent Episode: 03
Summary: Things are getting serious, and while Yuuta loses his cool, Inspector Moritsuka ups his game to another level of smooth. The Occult might be real after all.

This series is shaping up to be a lot better than the initial episode led a lot of people to believe. It might not be semicolon series-level in the way of Steins;Gate, but intriguing none the less. Each character has a pretty important background, and the paranormal is everywhere. Sounds like a good balance to the somewhat lighter fare above. The ending sequence for this series is also quite good. The music is catchy, but the way it incorporates the preview for the next episode in to the ending is just amazing. Things like it have been done before, but how it lines up and the tone melding perfectly each time so far is not to be overlooked. I also really wanted a yellow color-scheme for this show, considering how yellow it tends to be. Turns out that doesn’t look so hot on a white background. So, kind of icky gold it is for now!
Score so far: 7.0/10 (Growing on me)
MAL Average: 6.61

The power of previews is strong with this one.


The extras section will also be getting a bit of an overhaul, but it will still include things like binges and series that don’t fit in to the current broadcast schedule above – as those three titles will have placeholder spots from the beginning of the week.

Nothing this week though! See ya next time.

Keep scrolling through those reviews.

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