Dragon Ball Super 63

Just in time for the big battles of this arc, Dragon Ball Super is now available on several streaming sites with official English subtitles – including Daisuki and Crunchyroll!

“Don’t Disrespect Saiyan Cells! Vegeta’s Heroic Battle Begins!!”

These episodes should really stop being named after the last two minutes of action. If anything, this was mostly Trunks’ stalling battle, but somehow we still got one of the best episodes this series has offered to date. Everything was there, and there were numerous moments where it felt like I was truly watching a Dragon Ball series again.

No matter how ridiculous a journey its been to get to this point, somehow these bad guys have turned out to be really interesting. The two Zamasu speaking to each other has offered up some entertaining dialogue, from a little bit of dark comedy to a monologue that nobody was listening to. It’s really quite a fun dynamic. The way that they fight is also neat, considering one is immortal and the other not so much. Zamasu tends to try and break up the fights with Black as a sort of shield, but is easily distracted and disoriented.

I would say that this is Vegeta’s time, but it is never really Vegeta’s time. He does get in quite a few epic lines during his fight with Black, and what a fight it’s shaping up to be. It’s not quite clear, but it looks like Vegeta used the hyperbolic time chamber to do a bit of extra training, making him once again the stronger of the two main saiyans (Goku will probably pull some amazing trick out of his butt though). And after several episodes of constant back and forth to the future, only to get their butts kicked, it’s nice to see them actually holding their own in a fight.  How Trunks wasn’t immediately incinerated by Black and Zamasu doesn’t make much sense, but that was even a pretty good fight too. There was definitely time and money put in to this one. Clearly we’re leading up to the final moments of this arc.

It looks like Beerus’ intervention didn’t go down much of an interesting path, with just Gowasu and the Supreme Kai showing up in the future. What did they expect to accomplish? Either way, it keeps the gods involved. Of course the preview for next time gave us a few obvious spoilers, but I have a feeling that Goku and Vegeta are going to need the help of the gods to get through this one. Sealing Zamasu away seems like a tough task, and the saiyans do like solving problems with their fists after all – but how do you get around his immortality?


Episode Score
8.7/10 (Very Good)

Summary: This is what Dragon Ball should be – epic fights with suped-up saiyans, interesting twists, and Bulma being Bulma.

Extra thoughts:
– Did he just blow up the hyperbolic time chamber? Again?
– Humans just never learn.
– That sword is too strong.
– Aww, he wrecked their cottage.
– Zamasu/Black clearly don’t understand vital points.
– Damn right Black finally destroyed the time machine.
– Good thing Bulma is around. Always.
– Whis is an angel? Sure.


Next time: “Revere Him! Praise Him! Fusion Zamasu’s Explosive Birth!!”


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