Occultic;Nine 02

The paranormal shows itself in many ways this week. It might be a lot less jumpy than the premiere, but you should still probably hold on to your seats just to be safe.

“My Cold Dimension”

There was definitely some overall improvement over the first episode here, but there are still some serious issues to be addressed. It’s not all bad news though, as the premise and characters really grew on me as it got a little deeper in to the paranormal and mystery side of the storytelling. The characters in particular make a little more sense with greater explanation of their backgrounds. I can understand the want for mystery, but perhaps slowing down all of those introductions could have been extremely helpful after all.

Unlike our wild and fast-paced introduction to this series, this episode didn’t feel as rushed as it might have been. The problem was that it felt poorly directed. It was as if this was supposed to be a mainly Miyuu episode, in which her character became vastly more interesting, but that focus just couldn’t be held. We got a new main character with the investigator Moritsuka (all the characters are listed as mains on MAL). He seems interesting, and quite mysterious, but his sudden and easy connection to some of our other main characters felt completely awkward. Although he was clearly investigating connections to Hashigami, including his son and work, the arrival at Miyuu puts him already only one step away from Yuuta. Not exactly the most thrilling chase.

Looks like we’re diving right in to the paranormal world in a big way. Yuuta got the least of it with Hashigami’s gold tooth-key and his conversation with a mysterious voice. Miyuu on the other hand is just a straight up psychic, and Aria seems to be using (or being used by) her ghost friend to pull of the curses she charges for. She also didn’t seem to mind being in his forced servitude, so looking deeper in to that connection could be a high point of the upcoming plot. Overall, the story looks to be going in an interesting, paranormal-heavy direction, and the characters are right at the center of it all. Let’s just hope the direction can figure out a better sense of focus, or at least manage the chaos well.

Just as a final point, away from the story and characters – production values here are top-notch so far. The use of color is definitely something to be commended, because it is all so well balanced that it never feels overbearing. Character designs and settings are nicely detailed and manage a bit of old-school hand-drawn charm in the way that they fit in to the matte backgrounds. It’s a show I really want to like.

Episode Score
6.9/10 (Fine)

Summary: The occult is real! Well, at least fortune tellers, ghosts, and secret organizations are real. Now to see how they all fit together.


Extra thoughts:
– How can people stand text obscuring the video!?
– Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is psychological, not physiological.
– Oh so she is an author, and super creepy. Makes sense.
– Fewer boob shots and bouncing this time.
– Ah, so the preview for next week is in the ED. Very well done. Gif-worthy.

Next time: “She Cracked”





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