Dragon Ball Super 62

The Z-fighters (are they still called that?) put there heads together to actually figure out a plan, instead of just bashing their heads against the enemy. Speaking of politics, there is a presidential debate tonight, but we all know that anime is what’s really making America great again.

“I Will Protect the World! Trunks’ Furious Super Power Explodes!!”

Trunks sure let out his fury. Not like it matters much when your opponent is magnitudes more powerful than you are. Did he really think that a super saiyan 2 with a little extra flare could do anything in this situation? It kind of makes me wonder if Toriyama knows that we’ve been paying attention to how stupidly powerful the characters of this show have gotten, and is starting to regret the scale of difference. Take an MMO for example. If Trunks is level 2, Zamasu/Black are currently finishing up the level 110 expansion pack content that’s taking them through older, low-level zones. Despite the odd power gap, the fights are pretty impressive at times.

There is one major issue with the time travel aspect of this show that I must put forth. Although I have been pretty happy with the many-worlds and alternate future timeline approach that this series is using, it could also be its downfall if not careful. It’s been made (not exactly crystal) clear that there is a future to the main timeline, and the alternate future. My problem is that if they have a time machine, that can also cross these boundaries, why does Trunks have to wait for them in the future? They should merely return instantly, and the same deal applies to the past. There really hasn’t been an explanation of time continuity requirements for those travelling, but I am getting rather specific here. The other issue is that the use of the time machine creates an alternate reality in its own right. When there are essentially infinite versions of this alternate horrible future happening, why should we care about a single one? It worked in a series like Steins;Gate because it was Okabe that wanted to be in the perfect timeline, and all the other ones were useless to him. If Zamasu decides to start moving between timelines to rough up every human in every moment of existence, that could be a problem worth fighting to stop – but in theory he would never complete that plan.

Going back to the classic ways is one of the strong points of this series so far. The kaio-ken power-up and Trunks returning are some major examples of that. This time it’s a little more obscure, in the form of the sealing technique ‘mafuba’. It was interesting that this made Pilaf and gang remember King Piccolo, even though he was sitting right there! The problem with sealing techniques though is that the seal always gets broken. It might buy them some time, but it definitely won’t result in the end of the arc for Zamasu. What is really interesting in this arc now is Beerus’ path. He feels slightly responsible for not noticing this problem sooner, and now he’s going off on his own to work things out. It’s been a while since there has been a multi-faceted story in this series.

The comedy of this episode was pretty much spot on. It blended well with the serious nature of Bulma versus Beerus, and the use of side characters like Krillin and Piccolo was well executed. When Piccolo offered to demonstrate the mafuba right then and Goku just teleports out, Bulma wonderfully exclaims that “we’ll watch you do it.” I haven’t laughed harder at a joke in this series in months. But comedy isn’t really this series’ short-coming so far. If it can continue to turn up the angry in its saiyan forces, balance may yet be restored.

Episode Score
7.1/10 (Alright)

Summary: Fed up with bashing their heads against the invulnerable, the team decides to actually think their options through for a moment – Beerus has other plans in mind.

This poor turtle. It’s had a rough life.

Extra thoughts:
– Damn I wanted to see Bulma punch Beerus.
– Vegeta is even shut down to second place by his wife.
– “I got beaten up by me.”
– Gohan is still as useless as ever.
– That flashback filter still looks amazing.
– How old is Master Roshi by this point!?

Next time: “Don’t Disgrace the Cells of Saiyans! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta’s Intense Battle!!”


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