Occultic;Nine 01 – First Impressions

Continuing the list of series with semicolons in their titles, we have Occultic;Nine. Some of the others on that list have been great experiences. How will this measure up?

Episode Review: “Underwater”

Well that was an experience. It was definitely fun watching a blogger go nuts over their work in a pretty niche category – that sounds so familiar for some reason. But anyway, it’s the occult, and other strange happenings, that look to dominate this series. The semicolon series (although not related to most of them in this case) is usually pretty heavy on the science vs. pseudoscience discussion and the resulting sci-fi plots that arise. It’s something I can really get in to, and has been very popular over recent anime themes as a whole. It’s hard to say yet if any of it is actually real, as I haven’t read the light novels – but that definitely looks like a ghost.

A lot of stuff blew by pretty quickly in this one. We got several flashes of character names, in which none of them I really remember, and their introductions were swift and concise. It kind of worked for the vibe of the series in general, as the introductions were surface-level enough that I’m more interested about their interactions than their individual backgrounds at the moment. That and they’re high school kids in to the occult, what else do you need to know?

When it comes to the charact- Did they really need to make her boobs that big? Damn. Had to get that one out there. And trust me, a lot of people have been wondering the same thing. I just feel sorry for this fictional character and the life-long medical problems she’s probably dealing with. Can she touch her feet, or put on shoes? Does she have trouble sleeping? Does her back hurt? If it were a real person I definitely would not judge them based on their physical appearance, other than possibly suggest reduction surgery, but I’m judging the staff of this anime here. They decided, for obvious reasons, to go over-the-top with this one, and it just seems silly.

We were left with quite the cliff-hanger to set up the rest of the series going forward. Yuuta’s blog isn’t just for reporting any more, it’s an investigation firm. Well, at least that is what I expect, or else how is he going to get out of such a situation? He’s got the blood of a scalped man on his hands. Time to step out of the NEET shadows and figure out the truth.

Episode Score
6.2/10 (Average)

Summary: If sensory overload and sheer speed were all a series needed to succeed, I could possibly understand the reasoning of this episode.

Now this looks good.

Extra thoughts:
– I make $0 off of my blog…
Windows 10, definitely.
– Twitter, definitely.
– Oh good, a character defined initially by her ridiculously large breasts.
– And then by little else.
– Scientists serious about parapsychology? Must be the Ghostbusters.
– The colors and art in this show are fantastic.

First Impressions

If you’re reading subtitles, I sure hope you’re quick. You never know when there’s going to be a crucially important single line of information from characters that speak a mile a minute – and you’ve probably missed it. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if done properly. Kyon’s internal monologues in Haruhi were fantastic. This back-and-forth dialogue extravaganza is less so. This is not the greatest sin of this series so far either. Neither is the slight perversion of the main character, as it was presented quite entertainingly and in a rather believable manner. The biggest problem by far is wish fulfillment.

Anime as a genre isn’t short on NEET, virgin, slightly perverted male leads who get whisked in to a fantastical ride of a story. This year featured several that were quite successful, with Konosuba and Re:Zero subverting the pure wish fulfillment trope in their own unique ways. This series could very well turn out to do the same, but it’s giving some pretty bad warning signs. The MC’s random (manic pixie dream girl, ugh) and extraordinarily well-endowed friend is already in the picture, and his favorite female pop-idol just kind of lands in front of him. Don’t worry, the next one on the team is… also probably a beautiful young girl of a slightly different demeanor. It’s just hard to take it seriously.

The pacing isn’t really a problem, as the whole vibe of the show gives itself a purposely hurried feeling – and that can be fun in its own way. Sensory overload is its own kind of entertainment as well. In that vein though, it really needs to grab on to an interesting plot to keep it together. This mysterious murder of the good (or bad) doctor could connect it all together well, so it will be worth watching for a few more episodes to see how it actually pans out.

Next time: “My Cold Dimension”



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