Dragon Ball Super 61

It’s time to go back to the olden days of saiyan power – get angry! I should avoid time references, as this series is already spinning time in circles enough as it is.

“Zamasu’s Ambition – The Terror of the ‘Zero Humans Plan’ Spoken”

First thing – why is Bulma still attending these battles as a spectator after all these years? Doesn’t she know that literally everything around her is bound to be spectacularly destroyed by powers that she can’t even comprehend!? Anyway, it’s time for the explanation of Zamasu’s plan. Not that we haven’t heard it a few times before, but he wants to kill all humans. The issues with how time plays out in the execution of this plan is a little strange, but it’s still pretty solid. We’re dealing with both the present and future of multiple timelines here, so yes it does make sense that there is another Zamasu from the future of the primarily timeline. How he got over to the future of this alternate timeline is a question for another… uh, time.

It’s nice to see some fighting again, finally. Although the sequences weren’t overly spectacular, the return of angry Goku is quite notable. Sure, he’s been kind of serious in previous arcs from DBS, but nothing with the real intensity that we got this time. And it has really been missing in the overall tone of this series, relating back to what I have said several times about the lack of consequence or real serious threat. Well, now there’s a threat.

Although Zamasu and Goku Black (also Zamasu) are a credible threat to existence as our heroes know it, they might be too credible. Zamasu is literally invincible. Isn’t there a problem there? Every arc of Dragon Ball, pretty much ever, has been about stopping a bad guy from becoming immortal or otherwise. No matter how strong the team is, what can they really do against a foe like this other than slow them down? Fortunately it looks like future episodes might be taking advantage of the time issues to the advantage of the good guys, and working to de-power Zamasu.

The progression of power is getting a little confusing now, with Trunks’ new ‘form’. The concept is interesting, but how is a next-level super saiyan of any kind useful against a probably third-tier god? Seems like quite the jump. The one bit of speculation I have for the future is that fusion will come back in to play. The set-up is almost begging for Zamasu and Black to fuse and become Go-masu-black or something. They’re already wearing the earrings! The obvious counter to this move would be the fusion, once again, of Vegeta and Goku, but this time as super saiyan blues (not a musical genre, as far as I know). That would offer a rather clear progression to the next level of ultimate power.


Episode Score
7.9/10 (Good)

Summary: Angry, mature Goku returns momentarily after a long hiatus, only to make way for a slightly shinier, super-angry Trunks.

Extra thoughts:
– They killed all the gods.
– So much for the Super Dragon Balls.
– So Zamasu is an environmentalist!
– Humans are kind of horrible…
– Why would you purposely make a saiyan more angry!?
– It is mostly Trunks’ fault.
– Is he… super saiyan golden-blue?

Next time: “I Will Protect the World! Trunks’ Furious Super Power Explodes!!”


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