Dragon Ball Super 60

Sixty episodes! I wonder how many it will take to get this far in Dragon Ball Super Kai?

“Back to the Future – Goku Black’s Identity is Revealed”

Despite the title of the episode being “Back to the Future”, there was a definite lack of puffy vests and Alan Silvestri’s classic theme. It did however reveal the identity of Black! We’ll get to that in a moment, but first it would be best to classify this episode as what it really should be known as – filler. Not anime original per-se, which at this point is a little misleading in that the manga is concurrent, but it was just all-around time-filler. I understand the difficulty of running a continuous weekly series, but this felt like the good/bad old days of Dragon Ball Z stretching for time.

The first section, an majority, of this episode felt properly emotional as is probably intended, but it was a bit of a droning recap of history that most Dragon Ball fans already knew and understood. Everything about Future Trunks’ timeline needed to be aired to the little version, so we get ten minutes of recap? At least it helped to solidify the bond between the two versions before what could possibly be their final parting.

Black is Zamasu, in that he switched bodies with the real Goku and killed his former form. Now I know there has been a lot of time travel and time-line hopping going on here, but something doesn’t add up. Why is there still another Zamasu? I suppose there could be endless versions of him (an amazing concept difficult to implement), but for now we’ve only seen the ones from time-lines that our heroes are in. That would be the Zamasu that became Goku and the Zamasu that was destroyed by Beerus.


Episode Score
7.0/10 (Mostly Recap)

Summary: Didn’t blow the budget on this one.

Extra thoughts:
– Beerus needs to calm down. It’s just foo- *is destroyed*
– We all know what it’s like to have two friends with the same name.
– Bulma never needed to steer the time machine before…
– Goku has never kissed before. That seems incorrect.
– How un-Saiyan-like indeed.
– The new ED is unfairly well-animated as per usual.

Next time: “Zamasu’s Ambition – The Terror of the “Zero Humans Plan” Spoken”


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