Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV 05 – Final Impressions

That’s a wrap for Brotherhood, but these brothers have a lot of adventure ahead of them. The tie-in material for FFXV has been off-the charts with extremely high production quality. We can only hope the same for the game itself.

Watch the new episode right here.

Episode Review: “The Warmth of Light”

With all of the character episodes out of the way, it’s back to the resolve the cliffhanger of the first scenes we saw with Noct and crew versus the snake demon. It makes sense to end the series out with moments most relevant to the game and what we’ll be playing – after all, this is promotional material. We even get a little bit more insight in to the use of ‘daemons’ by the empire and the kinds of plots that they conduct (evil ones, duh).

The fight with the daemon really put on display the classic idea of a Final Fantasy limit break. Better yet, it had some kind of deeper meaning behind it too. Those have always been the best of limit breaks, ones that really matter to the character. In this case, Noctis harnesses the power that his father used to defend him as a child. The multi-weapon attack is something we haven’t really seen from Noct up to this point in any media, with it mostly being a defining factor of his father’s power. It’s a classic and well thought out approach to a main character’s limit break, and only solidifies another bit of hype for the game itself.

The series ends exactly as it started – out on the open road. Clearly it couldn’t end with an incredibly prominent story point as that should be saved for the game. Each episode has been about one character, and this was clearly about Noct’s past with his parents. As the flashback takes place amidst the battle, the presentation is a bit more subtle and less filled-out than what we got for the other characters, but Noct was there in all of their stories as well. In a sense, it was the perfect ending to a series that couldn’t go too far in to game territory, but really got its points across.

Episode Score:
8.6/10 (Very Good)

Extra thoughts:
– Considering how modern the world is, why so few guns?
– Oh, the enemies seem to be bullet-proof.
– You never want to be the parent of a main character.
– They really could have had the car fly off at the end.

You’ve been… disarmed! (Sorry)

Final Impressions

Square-Enix really isn’t skimping on the tie-in material for this flagship game. If you’ve yet to see Kingsglaive yet I would highly recommend it as well for those interested in playing the game upon release. I’ll have a review up for it shortly as well. But never before has it mattered so much how well one of Square’s games does, except for possibly Final Fantasy (1) itself. This could make or break the company as we know it, and they’re putting all their chips on success. My belief? It will sell like crazy if it’s good or not, kind of like FFXIII.

It could be interesting how this series fits in to the timeline of things, because it is definitely not a prequel. The game starts in the city and moves from there. With an open-world concept to a large portion of the game, there are many things to see and do. This series really only encapsulated one, although very important, conflict on the road. There will clearly be a lot to drive (or fly) by in the first half and more of FFXV, so it’s nice to get eased in to that with a spectacular short like this. If the writing, characters, and story hold up through the game as well as they did in this short series, it could be a spectacular experience. This quick look through the world of FFXV definitely did not slow down the hype train one bit – if anything it’s now in overdrive.

Series Score:
9.1/10 (Fantastic Promotional Material)

(Rounded to 9 for MAL)

FFXV Ad Update
And they don’t even pay me for this.

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