Dragon Ball Super 59

Does solving your problems in the past definitely affect the future? Beerus seems pretty sure it does when it comes to gods. Trunks has experience otherwise. Episode 60, coming up soon!

“Protect Kaiō-shin Gowasu – Destroy Zamasu!”

Considering the main focus of this episode was a stake-out, the side moments had a real chance to shine. They didn’t really. Everything did pretty much just as it was supposed to, and didn’t really jump off the screen until the climactic moments with Zamasu. What I’m saying is, I really wanted to see the young vs. future Trunks fight! Probably would have been too much to animate (obviously).

There’s a lot of pretty obvious imagery with Zamasu and Black chilling on top of a nice clear mountain while all the rest of the world burns around them – plus that whole extermination of humanity thing. I must say that they’re not doing a particularly good job, considering beings far less powerful than them (Buu, Cell, ect) were quite a bit better at eliminating humanity. Buu and Frieza could just destroy planets outright. Is Zamasu super anti-humanoid but really pro-environment? That is really the only reason I could think of. The planet and all the other living things don’t deserve to die, just humans.

The stake-out turned out to be pretty interesting after all, as I could totally feel the Goku mentality flowing through me as Zamasu was about to off his master. I had even forgotten that Whis could turn back short amounts of time, and his method for stopping the act was wonderful. But the real star of this episode has to be Beerus. He turned on destruction-mode so quick it was kind of a shock to remember just how ruthless he actually is. It’s moments like those that keep a show fresh and characters exciting, instead of devolving in to useless husks of their former powerful selves (*cough* Gohan).

Beerus seems pretty sure that Zamasu, and by extension Black, won’t be around in the future. And although I immediately called foul on that logic, Beerus had a bit of an explanation. Because this was the work of gods destroying other gods, it should take effect through the time-line. The super dragon balls probably have something to say about that though. No arc of any consequence in any anime ever has ended with such an anti-climactic event as Beerus just saying “and we’re done”, and of course the preview for next week confirms that. We need a big fight, and a meaningful one at that!

Episode Score
7.5/10 (Good)

Extra thoughts:
So lewd.
– Nice eagle’s nest you got there.
– How is the gravity chamber still useful to them!?
– Don’t take dating advice from Emperor Pilaf.
– Destroyed.

Forget about me?

Next time: “Back to the Future – Goku Black’s Identity is Revealed”


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