91 Days 10 & 11

Catching up on a show like 91 Days is an interesting experience. It’s hard to know what to expect, and with only the finale remaining, we should probably expect a lot of deaths.

Episode 10: “Proof of Good Faith”

This was another impressively slow-paced episode – for good purpose though. The bro-mance between Angelo and Corteo is pretty heavily tread ground up to this point, but we needed one last push for a reason to believe in their bond before this week’s big twist. Was it really a twist though? Because you can pretty much expect these kinds of things in the story of Angelo’s revenge quest.

The drawn out majority of this episode felt so odd compared to the rest of the series so far. Sure it was slow, but it was also oddly happy. Corteo had spent so much time devolving in to madness only to be just the same old guy again for this last leg of his journey. They didn’t seem worried about being found out, and were pretty careless in their travels. The timeline was also a little strange, as I thought the ship was going to Chicago and Corteo did not go there.

The last moments of this episode redeem it as per usual – and it definitely changes Angelo’s position within the family once again. He’s earned even more trust while casting doubt on Nero’s right-hand man. The series as a whole has been great at kind of idling along until a big reveal and cliffhanger almost every week. It’s like the Code Geass style of story development without any giant robots. I can appreciate a series that isn’t worried about its action to dialogue ratio and takes its time each episode.

Episode Score:
7.8/10 (Good)

Well that’s creepy.

Episode 11: “All for Nothing”

You know what happens at the opera in this kind of situation. Compared to the previous episode, this one really rolled along. Everything lead up to the opening of the playhouse, and Angelo’s plan fit in to it perfectly. It was even a better plan than I expected. If you’re going to get revenge, it’s not enough just to kill them. He could have done that at any time up to this point really. He had to ruin their family.

The one odd thing about Angelo’s plan though is if he meant to be captured. How did he know that he wouldn’t just be killed, other than having Ganzo there to possibly defend him? That sure worked out in his favor, but Ganzo was incredibly blind not to see what was happening. Either way, it could barely have gone any better. Baiting the Gallasias in to doing most of your dirty work for him, and taking out far more than just the four that Angelo had his sights on is just great execution (ha..haha).

I assume that in the finale we’ll be seeing the final fate of our remaining main players. It’ll be a pretty bittersweet conclusion no matter what happens to them. Nero’s family is destroyed and Angelo has literally nothing left besides maybe working for another family. He’s probably not exactly the most trustworthy individual after this event, so it’s far more likely he’ll just go out with a bang. Which direction that bang is facing is the final question.

Episode Score:
8.6/10 (Very Good)

Extra thoughts:
– What is Angelo going to have left after his revenge?
– Where is Lawless that you can get to Chicago by boat? On the Great Lakes?
– Nero really isn’t smart enough to be Don.
– “We don’t even have a theater this nice in Chicago.” Ya, right.
– Every good murder plot happens at the opera.


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