Mob Psycho 100 – 12 – Final Impressions

Everyone needs a Reigen in their life to just tell it like it is. Mob Psycho 100 might be done for now, but we can bet that it won’t be the last time we see these psychic powers on display – and what a display it was.

Episode Review – “Mob and Reigen”

This is the classic finale set-up for a series of this kind. The big battle finishes by the half-way point and the second part takes care of rounding up loose ends and preparing for the possibility of a continuation. It’s exactly what needs to be done on shows like this, because although the action is a major part, the characters really need a little bit of closure.

That final battle though, it was just so much fun. Reigen somehow is transferred Mob’s powers after giving him the release of “running away”, and he wrecks the opposition. He doesn’t even break character, instead opting to belittle them as fakers and immature hacks. He realizes what’s going on, but by then it didn’t even matter. Was I hoping that he would gain some kind of super power as a twist? Sure, but this was one of the last ways I expected it to happen. I held out hope that he would be a secret bad-ass, but alas it was not meant to be. This was a good substitution, if anything.

There was definitely a lot of resolution to this arc of a story, with many of the major characters getting a wrap on their plot in the final moments. The only person who really doesn’t get completely wrapped up is Mob himself. Where do his extreme powers really come from when he reaches his limit? That can’t be just him inside of there, that would be too convenient. The answer really isn’t necessary for the conclusion of this story as it stands now, but it would be a great thing to see in the future.

And with the ending comes speculation about the future. There is definitely a lot of material that can be spun out of this concept. Claw is down only one of their many divisions, and the most formidable espers have yet to show themselves. It’s exactly the kind of thing I want to be thinking about at the end of this kind of series, because although the hopes are high for more material, it is not at all necessary to the enjoyment of what I just watched. The series stood up very well on its own and covered a lot of interesting topics in character relations and morals. Keep reading below for the final impressions on the series as a whole!

What was with the extra scene at the end? Definitely not complaining.

Episode Score
8.8/10 (Very Good)

Extra thoughts:
– Two words about Reigen’s take-down. Oh snap.
– Too late to ‘help’, Dimple.
– I really wanted to see the Stay-Puft Marshmallow-chan.
– Keep improving that body.
These tools did nothing through the entire series! So jealous.
– What an odd ending.


Final Impressions

For all of those who know that this comes from the creators of One-Punch Man, this series was great for very different reasons. It shared some of the highlights of OPM, but it really made the style and direction its own. Although it brought a fair bit of well-timed comedy, Mob Psycho is considerably more complex than the just outright hilarious OPM. While the latter relied heavily on action to set up its sometimes episode-long punchlines, the former has some real depth to its characters and plot. There are numerous multi-faceted relationships in Mob Psycho that are worth looking in to, and they easily define the series. Otherwise it would be just another take on the One-Punch concept.

It’s hard to say which relationship really drove this series, but if I had to choose, it would be Mob and Reigen. The student-master duo is really the whole reason that things are the way they are in Mob’s world. Sure, he wants to support his brother Ritsu and looks up to him in a very endearing way, but he does so through the teachings of his master. With that, Reigen is one of the most entertaining characters I have encountered in a while; a kind-hearted con-artist. I really expected him to break form at some point in the series, but even with that show of ‘power’ in the finale he stayed true to his principles. It’s an odd set of principles, considering he doesn’t mind taking people’s money for nothing, but he truly believes in the things that he tells Mob. Just great character writing all around.

Unlike another certain show that just finished, Mob Psycho 100 is the perfect example of how to do a single arc with the possibility for a larger story across several seasons. We’ve been well set-up for the continuation of Claw’s attempts to take over the world, and with the devastation of division seven we now expect some kind of retaliation. I would definitely be interested in seeing the larger plot play out, in a kind of Dragon Ball Red-Ribbon Army kind of story. It’s particularly difficult to get a continuous serialization of a show nowadays (except for Dragon Ball Super somehow), but this is the kind of series that could really use one. What is really inside Mob? Because that’s no normal unchecked power.

Once again, the depth of each and every character that came on screen is the real highlight of this series. Even the smallest of roles had real use to them, and the finale also managed to tie up a few of their story-lines, or tease us for the future. Nobody was particularly wasted (maybe Mezato). I quite enjoyed the body improvement club and how they tied in to a great number of scenarios at play. They tied together the telepathy club slackers, the school rivalries, Mob’s love life (haha), and the overall moral of the series. You do you, and don’t let anyone bring you down for it.

The technical aspects aren’t even really worth discussing, as it held up very well to the animated insanity that we expected. Battles and normal activities alike were a marvel to behold in an age of cheap CGI rendering and re-used animation. The music was well used, but it wasn’t particularly noteworthy. Voice-acting was right on the money and the opening/endings were suitably catchy. If all of the above, especially the story and character praise, hasn’t convinced you of what I believe to be the anime of the season, you deserve one pu- I mean a lesson in morality from Reigen.

Series Score
8.9/10 (Great)

(rounded to 9 for MAL)


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