Mob Psycho 100 – 10 & 11

The clouds have been sparse as of late – as in, I’ve been off the grid. But Cloudy is back! And the fall anime season is coming to quite the climax.

Episode 10: “The Heinous Aura ~Mastermind~”

This was like an entire season of Dragon Ball Z in one episode. There were so many character introductions, fights, endings to fights, and new enemies – and it was amazing. The way that the episode was organized between the various parties involved created a nice flow between action and dialogue, while also allowing us to learn a little bit about Claw and the people who run it.

The best parts about an evil organization are always the henchmen. Oh, did I say best? I meant the most useless. But this series puts them to hilarious use. They are so woefully under-powered against even Dimple, let alone the real players. Some of them understand their plight all too well, but I think they got it a little backwards. You don’t sit back and wait for your evil organization to take over the world from the top down, you wait to get beat up by the good guys.

Although each enemy had a lot of nuance that I could go in to great detail about, there was one that stood out to me – that weird long face guy. Turns out his powers are of persuasion and projection. Not exactly the best idea to fight someone who is merely powered up by your abilities! It completely backfired in the best way, as Mob reached 100 yet again and literally blew his mind. It wasn’t the most over-the-top explosion, but the whole point is that it was so directed in to that guy’s head that there was no need for it to last.

No way. That can’t be. Reigen is the boss!? In some ways that makes just way too much sense, but still, it is pretty nuts. If he was super powerful all along, that would be the craziest outcome. How did Mob not notice? I think it would be far more entertaining if he’s just also swindling these crazy fanatics, but that seems unlikely. Even the lowly, barely awakened kids could feel his extreme power. Either way, it’s a fantastically entertaining twist.

Episode Score
9.0/10 (Great)

Extra thoughts:
– Villains with realistic expectations.
– Looks a lot like FFVII.
– Now this guy knows how to dress like a psychic master.
– He broke all her dolls! So mean!.. oh wait.
– I don’t remember any of the names, and probably don’t have to.


Episode 11: “Master ~Leader~”

Reigen is seriously the best. I was almost convinced from the previous episode that he might be a legit, powerful psychic in an insane twist. Instead, it’s the most fantastic con of all. I was discussing how useless these henchmen (and henchmen in general) are, but this goes beyond useless. And it’s hard to say whether Reigen actually knew what he was playing at or not. He’s just such an ambiguous character. But in the end, he’s a nice guy who (kind of) wants to do good.

Reigen’s method of fighting was just perfect for his character. When Mob powered up to defend the gang from the gas-masked leader, Reigen just kicks them in the head! Defend against that, super-esper. Better yet, the fancy-robes esper saw him do that and still doesn’t see that punch coming. Reigen does figure out eventually that he’s a little in over his head, but it’s a team effort now.

Although there was slightly less action in this episode, in favor of more comedy and dialogue, the short scene we did get of the final four baddies going all-out on our heroes was spectacular. The camera angles and overall direction of the fights in this series are already impressive, but balancing the different styles and power of each character that well is a feat. If Mob completely gives in to his dark side and fights all four of them at once, it’s going to be insane.

Well they’ve done it now. Don’t mess with a kid’s master. Ritsu may be Mob’s brother and they are particularly close, but it’s not quite the same as his relationship with his master. Reigen getting wrecked in that final scene sets up the ultimate cliff-hanger, right after we were led to believe that the battle had been defused. I can only imagine that the final episode is going to be nuts. The small preview of the battle we saw this time was already a great indication of how well the show can handle multi-character fights. But how will it conclude? Will we find out who the real boss is, or is that going to be left for another time – or season?

Episode Score
9.2/10 (Also Great)

Extra thoughts:
– Mob is the nicest person ever.
– Reigen is a close second, if he weren’t a con artist and such.
– Dropkicks are definitely OK.
– Something’s wrong. I don’t sense anything from him! Ha.
– Finally, that looks so much better.


Next time: “Mob and Reigen”



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