Re:Zero 24

Subaru has it all planned out, and the execution is exactly what you would expect from a team that knows exactly how everything is going to happen. But will things all work out in the end, or is Subaru truly doomed to a dark fate? It’s still hard to say.

“The Self-Proclaimed Knight and the Greatest Knight”

Back now to right after the white whale battle, Subaru definitely has a lot of knowledge to help him in his quest. The witch’s cult really stands no chance with the insider information available to him, yet this show takes an entire episode to re-hash their take-down. Betelgeuse isn’t even defeated in this episode, and he was already killed easily before! It wasn’t quite clear either if the other teams managed to kill all of the fingers, but that seems to be what was implied.

The purpose of this episode seemed to be an attempt to make us even more sympathetic to Emilia and her plight. It has been pretty clear though so far what the deal with her is, and I think we’re all behind the fact that she is a nice, yet misunderstood, person. The entire scene with the kids and the town accepting her just didn’t feel necessary or earned. And the bits with Subaru interacting with her under some magical guise just didn’t make much sense at all. The only purpose it served was to divert the trouble he has caused to a more respectable political figure like Crusch, that Emilia would be forced to accept. If she knew it was Subaru’s doing, she probably wouldn’t be as grateful.

Subaru really is a horrible person. It’s like the adventures of the most entitled, self-glorifying amateur. If anything, he has been improving for some time since his darkest days, but really hasn’t come very far. He’s just back to thinking he’s the main character in an anime – well, he is, but you really don’t want someone thinking that of themselves. If the creators of this series weren’t fully on-board with him being a total jerk and pride-filled weirdo I would call it horrible character development. But since it is exactly as they intend, I can only commend their ability to make me hate a character so much. He may be doing good things, but in the most unlike-able ways possible.

It seems like I didn’t have much to say about this episode in a positive light, but it wasn’t necessarily bad. It’s all just a little frustrating, considering how fun the series is. This is also the penultimate episode, so it couldn’t offer much of a conclusion. I’ll be interested to see if the witch actually makes some kind of appearance, but with the cult in the area all but destroyed I don’t really see how that will come through. If anything, I see an inconclusive ending in our future, and the promise of more to come.

This time it’s a literal trap!

Episode Score
7.1/10 (Good Enough)

Extra thoughts:
– Well at least it’s after the white whale fight.
– Did she seriously not realize that was Subaru?
– Oh it was a special robe, apparently.
– Kids don’t care about politics.
– Not sure how this makes any sense, but it’s amazing.

We know the feeling, Ram.

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