Dragon Ball Super 58

The plot thickens as the present version of events closes in on the future. It may be a little more clear what is going on, but that may only complicate things for our heroes.

“Zamasu and Black: The Mystery of the Two Deepens”

Well I finally think I know where this is going, and that’s an interesting concept considering how this series has gone so far. It’s been a little all over the place in its original material run, with rather short story arcs and little clarity on long-term plot development. It might finally be back to a search for the dragon balls though. They were comically easy to obtain during the tournament arc, but now that was merely an introduction. This could get spread out along a significant timeline if so desired by the writers, considering the year breaks between wishes. The only problem is that its another search for dragon balls in space. Anyone getting some GT vibes here?

There is one giant plot hole in the scenario that is being set up. Villains never wish for the right thing, because if they did, there wouldn’t be much of a show to continue. This is circumvented in almost every previous Dragon Ball plot by having the villains just fail to get their wish, but in this case Zamasu gets two! And for some reason, neither of them were just “kill all humans”. That would be considerably less fun for him, but definitely more on the immediately just side of things if that is his true goal. If anything, it at least paints him as more sadistically evil than just misguided. He wants to see humanity burn.

Goku brought up an interesting proposition. If Zamasu wished to be immortal, why couldn’t they do the same? That takes the power-level issue to a weird new height, but it could make for some insane fights – a true battle of the gods. And speaking of gods, it’s still quite fun to have Beerus and Whis tagging along and even helping out on the side. It reminds me of when Buu was tamed for the greater good.

In spite of last episode’s story hiccup, this plot with Zamasu is really going somewhere. He actually seems quite fantastically evil now, with the impending murder of a kaioshin. Even more interesting is that the Z-crew (are they the S-crew now?) can’t really do anything to him in honor of his position and the fact that he has yet to do any wrong in this timeline. It’s the Minority Report problem. There are some mysteries still floating around, like the ki question, but the series really could use a return to tradition in that the journey is what matters – not just set ups and conclusions.

When you’re about to miss the train.

Episode Score
7.9/10 (Good)

Extra thoughts:
– Do we really need another clarification that dragon balls are “wish orbs”?
– Bulma, the voice of reason.
– The self-awareness is strong with this series.
– I want to see what all-you-can-eat senzu beans would do. Lots of gas probably.
– So lonely.
– Real smooth, Beerus.

Next time: “Protect Kaioshin Gowasu: Destroy Zamasu”

Next episode airs on September 25.


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