Mob Psycho 100 – 09

Don’t mess with Kageyama, and I mean both of them. That’s going to be one insane team when it all comes together.

“Claw ~7th Division~”

This evil organization has no clue what is about to hit it. This episode really reinforces the fact that it’s really not a good idea to join one of these things, because the protagonist is bound to show up eventually. I do like that the organization was easily established and all the major players introduced with ease. The leader of the 7th division has an oddly cutesy voice, but what else should we really expect from this show?

Despite the drama and action we’ve seen the past few episodes, the comedy is still perfectly on point. The quips are fun, but the sudden and unexpected happenings are just so well timed that I’m definitely not expecting comedy when it hits. Moments like the defeat of Terada and Koyama fall in to theĀ One-Punch style jokes, and they work here too. On the other hand we have Ritsu and his band of misfits, who can still tear through the guards in their own way. The full cast really contributes to the comedy in each of their own ways, not leaving us too dependent on one individual to carry the levity.

It’s at this point that we all start thinking about whether a show needs another season, and there’s really no question here. We could all use moreĀ Mob Psycho. There’s really no question that it is the best that this season has to offer among the action-drama scene.

Episode Score
9.0/10 (Great)


Extra thoughts:
– “Yeah he was the strongest, but I just left him there.” Dude had one job.
– He’s super cautiou- oh that was easy.
– Damn they’re not kidding around. Unless they are.
– I’m bad with names too.
– Each useless kid’s power will come in handy, of course.
– Sick burn on the incompetent lackeys.
– You weren’t a big deal before either, Dimple.

Next time: “The Heinous Aura ~Mastermind~”


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