91 Days 09

Angelo-Avilio is seeing his world unravel in front of him, or has he built up a new one on top of his previous failings?  (Quick thoughts this week).

“Black and Deep Desires”

Corteo has become enemy number one. Although he failed to get Nero killed, his Fango adventure went quite spectacularly, but he hasn’t really been hailed much of a hero for that. The Vanetti family wants Corteo dead, probably because they now control the Fango family and just really can’t trust a traitor like that. But there’s more going on in the background that is of concern.

Avilio gets put in an odd place this episode as well, being the long time friend of Corteo. Nero still seems to trust him though. The big issue is that Corteo gets captured after his escape, but by the person who sent that fateful letter. We can pretty much assume at this point that person is Uncle Ganzo. It wasn’t exactly clear if he was the fourth person at the scene seven years ago, or the guy who sent the letter, but I would assume both.

The air was pretty heavy throughout almost every scene with Avilio/Angelo. His plan is oddly unraveling and working out just perfectly. But has he finally warmed up to Nero enough that he might have second thoughts? I expected this to happen in some capacity. It doesn’t seem to be genuine friendship, but more of a professional rivalry – he even asks if he could kill that kid from seven years ago today. I imagine this will only get darker as times go on, and more betrayals are revealed.

Episode Score
8.4/10 (Very Good)

Extra thoughts:
– Avilio is also Batman.
– Godfather accordion music.


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