Re:Zero 23

Just as everything is coming together for Subaru and his crew, it has to go off the rails. A little (as in quite) behind this week, but still inb4 the next episode!

“Nefarious Sloth”

Ram’s reaction to Subaru’s return is pretty much exactly what I expected. He’s been off doing his own thing for a while now, and has very much bitten the hand that fed him. To be fair, most of it was for the good of the world and everything, but he still got a lot of explaining to do. Whatever the deal was with that letter never really got explained, so I’ll just assume it was intercepted at some point. Other than that, it should be some pretty easy explaining, as they did manage to topple the greatest mabeast threat to the nation as a side-note.

So what’s the actual deal with Emilia and everyone she kind of serves, or wants to? They really don’t appreciate her. I’m becoming more and more convinced that she is directly related to, or just straight up the witch. The cultist reacted to her as if she was the second coming, and she also has a lot of witch-like qualities. That is all pretty unlikely though, as the real witch killed her when Subaru tried to explain his ordeal. I’ve seen The Wizard of Oz though, and there are good witches!

Things really weren’t looking good for Subaru towards the end of this – oh, he died again. Well it has been a while since that has happened. It could be pretty useful for him to get a different take on what’s happening, or we could end up sitting through a bunch of recap so close to the end of the series. It seems to be more of a reminder that this power still exists.

With only a few episodes remaining in this season, I feel that this series isn’t quite close to being as done as it should be. If ‘sloth’ was one of the major players in the witch’s cult, that means there’s at least six more crazies like him according to logic. The show could definitely use another season, but I also fear that it will start feeling padded and less focused. On the bright side, it has always been the side-characters and the world that entertained me the most in this series, and more of that would be fantastic.

Episode Score
8.5/10 (Very Good)

Sure looks like a witch to me.

Extra thoughts:
– Subaru still doesn’t really understand this world.
– Ram is so wonderfully tsun.
– Emilia kind of sucks at her job.
– How did only he-… his clothes get destroyed?
– Felis the ultimate wing-trap.
– Well that was nightmare inducing.
– I might like Ram more than Rem now, because at least she doesn’t take any of Subaru’s sh*t. That and her outfit is super cute.


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