Dragon Ball Super 57

Super returns to some classic Dragon Ball themes in this action packed episode.

“The Immortal God: Zamasu Descended”

The mystery of Black was only clouded further this week, by not really revealing anything about him – other than he is a kindred spirit with similar goals as Zamasu. So, just another evil guy? I suppose those are about a dime a dozen in the universes of Dragon Ball. He really felt like a minion or side-character this time around, considering his role in the fight with Goku.

As for the fighting, it was pretty well done. Black did just kind of disappear every now and again, despite his immense power and speed. Sometimes being dramatic doesn’t mesh well with the full on action that we really want, and this is no more evident than it is with Trunks. He is still only a second-level or so super saiyan, and somehow wasn’t disintegrated by the god-power of Black and Zamasu. By all logic that has been established throughout Dragon Ball history (very little) his punches should just bounce off of characters so much more powerful than him, but they go flying none the less.

The production values of this episode were a little odd. The animation quality varied from absolutely awful to pretty darn good. The super smooth computer animation and bright colors are still a little off-putting, especially in such a serious arc. But it was as if they spent all of their time and money this week on those few really good action shots (one in particular seen below). To be fair, that is kind of Dragon Ball’s thing. The classics of a lot of standing around and talking between bouts of action were on full display this week, and it was pretty much worth it for some of the better scenes.

The story overall seems a little mishandled. The fight this episode established that Zamasu and Black are suddenly too powerful to fight, and the saiyan crew just retreat back to the present timeline. It just doesn’t feel like anything is happening here, except for showing the obvious initial defeat of our heroes (especially Vegeta, poor guy). I just couldn’t be emotional about leaving Mai behind, despite how great a character she is, as everything happening has just been so tame lately. It all lacks some kind of depth. It could go in some great directions, and the super dragon balls are returning with a purpose, but it could also fall flat.

Now this looks good.

Episode Score:
6.8/10 (Fine)

Extra thoughts:
– His shirt healed too!
– Immortal beings, meet simple tear gas.
– She totally fit in there too.
Nice utopia ya got there.

Next time: “Zamasu and Black: The Mystery of the Two Deepens”


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