91 Days 08

In the mafia world you can never be quite sure what’s really going on around you. If you have to go to high alert, you’ve clearly made a mistake by not being at high alert at all times.

“Behind the Curtain”

Things can really change in an instant if you aren’t careful. That’s the lesson of this episode if there is one. Avilio (or whatever name he wants to use) has clearly put his plan on the back-burner in an effort to really dig himself in to the family. I assume he really wants it to hurt Nero when he kills him, and it’s unlikely that he’ll be swayed away from that goal in the future. Unlikely, but not impossible.

You’ve really got to feel for Corteo. This whole series has been setting him up rather well to be the trapped every-man. He didn’t want a part in any of this – his career path just happened to turn illegal with the passing of prohibition. Now that it could be going away, could he ever go back to the way things were before? He’s been complicit in the attempted murder of a federal officer’s family, and that’s something you just don’t walk away from. The fact that Delphy’s family survived that attempt didn’t really go explained, but it seems that someone must have tipped them off. It was an odd sequence of events that seemed like an attempt by the show to be a little less brutal, while it probably would have fit well in the themes for them to be killed. Don’t worry though, because it really made up for the lack of bloodshed shortly after.

It’s rare that you see a character do exactly what you want them to. As Corteo went to leave and Fango was calling up the Vanettis, I could only imagine one good option left for him. And he did – really did it. Just like that Fango is gone. How that’s going to be explained is a puzzling question. Corteo can’t exactly take credit for it without one doozy of a story to go along with it. He would have to pretend that he was tricking Fango in to thinking he worked for him, but if that nearly cost Nero’s life it’ll be a hard sell. Either way, things can change in an instant, and that’s probably the one true strength of this series.

Episode Score:
8.7/10 (Very Good)

91 Days - 08 - Corteo Wins
Now who’s the boss?

Extra thoughts:
– I always want this series to be more like its OP, then I still enjoy the slow pace anyway.
– The way he says happy doesn’t make me very happy.
– It’s hard to look any more guilty.


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