Mob Psycho 100 – 08

If you wanted action, this is it. If you want a dramatic story, this is also it!

“The Older Brother Bows ~Destructive Intent~”

Although the action dominated, this episode was really about the drama between Mob and Ritsu. For all the time they knew each other, Mob never realized Ritsu’s true feelings, and now he’s finally paying for it. Their confrontation, in which I really hoped they would fight just a little, was very well executed. Mob is just too nice of a kid to even think of taking his brother on. His apology to the delinquents of the city is also spot on Mob, but we’ll get back to that later.

The adult espers, “Claw” in this case, are exactly what this show needs – real villains. It was pretty much expected that there were adults out there with crazy powers, and of course that leads to shadowy organizations. Whenever a small group has more power than the mass, they’ll do everything they can to stay in control (re: most of the world). Kidnapping children and brainwashing them to be soldiers is pretty much as low as it gets, but they’re going to have quite the adversary in Mob. They seem to know that he’s strong, but it’s likely what is inside of him that they really want. Bound to be some good fights in the future.

The action scenes in this episode were just off the charts. It’s always exciting when Mob reaches his limit, and this was the fastest he has ever seemed to reach it. He went full beast mode on that esper, and it paints an exciting picture for the rest of this series. Full onĀ One-Punch style action wasn’t really this show’s selling point, until now. The effects were fantastic, the choreography was smooth and flashy, but most of all it was brutal. Mob really got owned, several times, so it is a testament to his powers how well he came out of that fight. The use of barriers seems to keep the fights up to an interesting level of action without too much serious injury. More walls and buildings to be demolished in the future for sure!

I feel like the team of esper kids is going to be an interesting plot line. We were introduced to them by name after all, it would be a waste not to use them. Ritsu should be a good leader for them, and someone of relatively higher power to help keep them sane in captivity. Ritsu has really been built up now as the alt-lead, and a two-front story could be really interesting going forward. Either way, that was by far the best episode of this series so far, and stand-out in the categories of action, drama, and even comedy.

Episode Score
9.8/10 (Amazing)

Mob Psycho 100 - 08 - Gif 2
Mob Psycho 100 - 08 - Gif 1

Extra thoughts:
– Well that was an action extravaganza.
– What a cute couple.
– Hey look, smart villai-… oh never mind.
– The real White-T Poison appears.
– And Reigen calls the fortune teller irresponsible.
What is this, Reigen…
– Brainwashing is not the same as manufacturing.

Next time: “Claw ~7th Division~”



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