Re:Zero 22

Old foes can become new friends when you least expect it.

“A Flash of Sloth”

It was hard to tell whether this episode was moving the plot forward or just kind of hovering around where we’ve already been. The real development was the rather sudden departure of Betelgeuse and introduction to the gospel. We’ve been hearing about people named after sins and cult stuff for a while now, and it still hasn’t really taken root. For all we know, Subaru is one of the archbishops of sin (Pride, as stated many times). I’m going to miss Betelgeuse thought (he’ll be back 110%), but at least we have his equally odd minions still hovering about.

As for Subaru and Julius’ awkward relationship that was focused on quite a bit, it just really didn’t warrant a whole episode. Knighthood is clearly a big part of his character, but being Subaru’s randomly generated rival is bigger. It is kind of relate-able though, because we all hate someone for not the best of reasons sometimes. There’s always going to be someone unfairly better than you at something – unless you’re already the best, in which shut up.

The characters (that aren’t Subaru and Emilia) continue to be the saviors of this series. Mimi and Tivey and whatever all her other brothers and sisters are called are just so fantastically fun – never take them away¬†Re:Zero! They’re so adorable that everyone around them realizes it, and then they’re so dark so suddenly! Wilhelm and even that trap are fun enough that I sometimes wonder what this show would be like without Subaru – and it’s probably pretty good. None of this is at the fault of the writers or creators though, as I completely understand what they’re doing with Subaru. If anything, they’re doing a bang-up job with Subaru’s abhorrent attitude.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Emil- oh, she didn’t do anything this time either. Oh well. The more important entry, and cliff-hanger of this episode, was Ram’s appearance at the end in a rather Emilia-like cloak. I say it’s important, but there’s really no comment that I can think of. She appears, and there’s some kind of magic we don’t understand. What I can understand is that Emilia and her faction probably won’t be too happy to see Subaru and his band of every other major enemy approaching the manor. He’s managed¬†a lot of good diplomacy, without any kind of real regard for his true allies. Oh well, he’ll get out of it somehow.

Episode Score
7.7/10 (Good)

Re Zero - 22 - Books are Scary
Books aren’t that scary…

Extra thoughts:
– On this day, Subaru apologized for something.
– Re: He’s still an ass though.
– I’m all for skipping filler, but how did he contact the cult?
– And why didn’t they just kill him?
– Chivalry is long dead indeed.
– “I’m not mini, I’m Tivey.” These things need to be in every episode.
– Subaru knows his anime tropes.
– Ram isn’t happy to see Rem missing in action, I bet.


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