Dragon Ball Super 56

Back to the epic dystopian future! Will super saiyan blue be enough to defeat Black/Zamasu? From the title of this episode, you can probably guess!

“Rematch With Goku Black! Enter Super Saiyan Rosé”

Tearful reunions, old faces, dire situations, and total twists – this episode brought the variety. After meandering in the past for quite a while, the dream team has finally made their way to the future. Goku doesn’t receive the kindest of greetings, but that’s to be expected. Fortunately he has a celebrity to vouch for him and the angry-faced Vegeta.

It’s great to have adult Mai back in the mix, as she is an exciting and much-needed side character when it comes to filling out the purpose of this future arc. Changing time changes everything along with it, so this is the one true Mai that our Trunks is most definitely in love with – despite their protest of relationship status. Vegeta’s reaction to all of that emotion also showed the great change that has been happening with his character quite clearly. Don’t get me wrong, he’s been softening for the better part of three-hundred episodes or so, but this is just such a clear display. Even Goku notices. In other news, Yajirobe has made an appearance! Of course he would still be alive, of all the people.

The super saiyan colors are getting pretty carried away now, aren’t they? I had to break out the French keyboard setting for rosé (Canadians will understand). Black seems to be really in to it’s ‘beauty’, but I’m not really buying it. Are we just going to power up through the rainbow for the rest of this series? I can understand that Dragon Ball GT has many aspects of it to be reviled, but it was actually quite conservative with its power-ups. There was no god-ki, or new colors. It was super saiyan 4 and fusions that drove the evolution of power – and it all kind of made sense.

Back to the matter at hand. Whaaaaat!? Zamasu isn’t Black after all! That brings up a lot of interesting questions, and really pumps some energy in to this arc. With it being so predictable, it really needed a moment like this to really turn us on our heads. We’ve gone back to the olden days of insurmountable odds, and it actually feels genuine. Sure Goku and Vegeta are pretty much surpassing god level, but the threat feels real all the same. If all the fancy colors weren’t in play, this would feel like Cell arriving on the scene despite the imminent threat of the androids. The classic “if you thought it was bad already” moment.

Episode Score:
9.1/10 (Great)

Dragon Ball Super - 056 - Black vs Mai
Spirit of a warrior.

Extra thoughts:
– Enough about my face!
– Somebody is a proud father.
– Is sparkly food safe to eat?
– Of COURSE Yajirobe is alive.
– Always the opening act, Vegeta. Only an appetizer.
Full power straight away!? Unheard of.

Next time: “The Immortal God: Zamasu Descends!”


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