Summer 2016 Weekly Reactions 08

It’s the last full week of August, and I don’t mean to be the barer of bad news, but summer is winding down. Anime, on the other hand, winds on.

As per usual, be sure to click on the episode titles to read the full review and check out all the screenshots! After so long, there’s actually an extra show this week too.

August 21, 2016

Dragon Ball Super 55 “I Want to Meet Son Goku! A Call from Zeno-sama!!” – Although this was mostly a transitional episode, I still had a lot of fun with it. We got to see the supreme Kai (kaioshin) again after quite a while, and he seems… smaller than I remember. It was also revealed how to easily beat a god of destruction – just kill their kaioshin counterpart! Well that would be easy enough for a few people. But there are people way stronger than even Whis making their way in to this story, and that sounds kinda fun. It still remains though that only Goku and Vegeta are really any use any more, but whatever. The king of everything, Zeno-sama, is just so adorable.
Episode Score: 7.5/10 (Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 055 - Zeno Friend
Friends 4ever.

Re:Zero 21 “A Wager that Defies Despair” – And they won, because of course. I think we can finally get on with the story then! The fight with the white whale was cool enough, and everything to do with Wilhelm and his lost love was just wonderful. It had true character, emotion, and power. The main story has some of that too, but I just can’t bring myself to care much about Subaru with how ridiculous he is as a character. The writers are all over that too, so I can’t fault them for knowing what they’re doing. It’ll be interesting to see Emilia back, and how relevant she can somehow be after quite a side adventure without her. High points still for the cast (minus Subaru) and the world they live in.
Episode Score: 8.8/10 (Very Good)

Re Zero - 21 - Van Astrea Love
Now this is a story.

August 23, 2016

Mob Psycho 100 – 07 “Exalted ~I’ve Obtained Loss~” – Ritsu’s path has taken some dark turns. He’s going at least partial Yagami Light! His powers aren’t all that strong though, so it’s not like he’ll stand much of a chance in the episodes to come unless he really amps it up. It’s still great how this series is balancing so many entertaining plot lines – Mob’s emotional journey, Ritsu’s story, the gang war, Reigen’s business, Onigawara and his troubles, and more. It feels a lot more well-rounded than One Punch-Man, probably due to its seriousness. Sure, there are some amazingly funny parts, but it’s more than that. Definitely the tops of the summer season so far, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be taken down any time soon.
Episode Score: 8.9/10 (Very Good)

Mob Psycho 100 - 07 - Power Within
Give in to your fears, your hatred.

August 26, 2016

91 Days 7.5 “Brief Candle” – It’s a recap episode! I can’t imagine why a series would really need one only seven episodes in. There doesn’t seem to be any new material or footage either, so tune in next time for a new episode review.


Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV 04 “Bittersweet Memories” – It’s been a while since the last entry in the series, and it’s still as great as ever. Kingsglaive is out in theaters, and releasing digitally soon – and the verdict seems to be it’s an unfinished story leading in to FFXV proper. It’s all leading to the main entry in this universe, and yes, we have to wait a little longer to get it, but it seems more and more worth it with every entry. The characters shine again in this episode, thanks to some great writing and the genuine lives they live. You can feel the tension in the political sphere, and they each manage in their own ways. Even the least interesting on the surface character, Ignis, is now an intriguing figure in this story. Can hardly wait for the game, but we’ll have to for now.
Episode Score: 9.0/10 (Great)

Brotherhood FFXV - 04 - Arcade Noctis
Stick to swords, Noct.
FFXV Ad Update
More free advertising!

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