Re:Zero 21

The white whale is done, and it’s back on to the primary objective. What that exactly might be is still kind of a mystery after so much time.

“A Wager That Defies Despair”

The final phase of the raid against the white whale concludes this week, with a pretty spectacular battle – whale blood got everywhere. I’m not exactly sure why this needed to go on for so long, but it was fun ride. Most notably, the van Astrea side-story was definitely worth the watch. In fact, most of the side characters continue to define this series in spite of a (self-admitted) annoying lead.

All of the action with the white whale itself was pretty much as expected, except with the little twist that the two new whales were just an illusion or duplication of sorts. Classic raid boss tactic right there. And of course this show is well suited for MMO-fans, as Subaru is really just the player character doing whatever the heck he wants in spite of the odds, and reviving whenever it doesn’t go well. He really has been on an upswing, as I’ve said in the previous few weeks. But once again he proves his rock-steady resolve to get with Emilia and be the ultimate hero, despite everything else. He’s essentially the personal hero of one of the most endearing characters, and now forever in the good graces of the greatest military leader in the nation. He essentially has everything except the one random thing that he decided he wanted first, and he’s really not that grateful at all. It’s really his worst defining trait by far.

I liked the Theresia and Wilhelm story a little more when it was less ‘man protect woman’ in its themes. But it was also done pretty well with┬áthe old-time chivalry and a great love story to help solidify it. It’s nearly the same concept as the current plot with Subaru and Emilia (or any of the girls), except far, far better. Wilhelm actually had the skill and resolve to match his love and protect her from having to go in to battle. That’s pretty honorable. Subaru wants the result without quite understanding how the process works.

Now about the plot going forward, because we’ve been pretty detached for it over the last few episodes. We’re still just chasing the witch’s cult, right? Subaru is going to show up with his little army of rather skilled warriors and likely destroy them. I can’t really see where the story goes after that, other than more politics (even though they’re all friends now) and figuring out who the witch is. Subaru has really been using that trick of the witch’s scent a lot recently, and you would think the witch would be on to his antics by now.

Also, did they just blow up the biggest, oldest tree in the world to kill the biggest, oldest whale in the world? Only in the magical medieval times, I guess.

Episode Score
8.8/10 (Very Good)

Re Zero - 21 - Van Astrea Love
Love is a battlefield.

Extra thoughts:
– “The only one who may sniff Subaru-kun is me.” Oh my.
– He actually knows how annoying he is!
– That tree seemed important, probably endangered…
– And they still don’t kiss.


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