Dragon Ball Super 55

After a short break, Super is back! And with its return, the comedy is also back in full force before we get back in to the action.

“I Want to Meet Son Goku – A Call from Zeno-sama!”

The true weakness of the gods of destruction has been revealed! Just kill the kaioshin that they are connected to, and they die as well. Even Goku realizes that this is an extremely easy way to defeat Beerus, if need be, as the kaioshin is nowhere near as powerful. The overall power levels are getting a little out of hand though. This week we’re introduced to another of the strongest in all the universes, and even Whis can’t match up to him. That’s a possible fight several levels beyond what Goku has even just barely matched up with in Beerus. It’s all getting rather final in its extreme, and I wonder what the future of Dragon Ball will be if there is ever a fight with Zeno-sama.

Speaking of Zeno-sama, everything about him is just wonderful. Voiced by an actual child from the sound of it, it’s a marvel that he is in charge of anything. We have yet to see much of his temper that everyone keeps alluding to, except for his treatment of his subordinates. And of course he would want to be friends with Goku. I was wondering whom Goku was referencing to be Zen-chan’s other new friend, but apparently Goku didn’t know either! I sure hope it’s Pan, because that would be perfect. Just imagine the possibilities. Pan being trained by her friend and master, the King of Everything.

Zamasu is still definitely Black. There’s really no question there, but the lead-up is definitely fun. He can’t seem to grasp the difference between good and evil (as a lot of people seem to have trouble with), and sees the straight up destruction of anything that can possibly be less-than-good as justice. For most of us, this is clearly evil. If you’re a crusader from the 1100’s, maybe you’ve got some agreements in there.

The time machine is fully repaired, and it’s time to head back to the future! The team goes the logical route and takes Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks – the only real power team remaining. With the combined power of two super saiyan gods, it’s not looking good for Black. It’s also quite appropriate when we see the rebels fire on real Goku! He does look exactly the same after all, and I wouldn’t be taking my chances if I were them. As for future Mai, I’m really glad she’s still alive, as it lends some actual reason to why Trunks would bother saving his world in the first place. Pretty much everything is gone there, but I suppose that hasn’t stopped the heroes of Earth in the past. There’s always the dragon balls (somewhere).

Dragon Ball Super - 055 - Zeno Friend

Episode Score
7.5/10 (Good)

Extra thoughts:
– Translation on this has been lacking recently.
– Your face has looked funny for a long time, Goku.
– Was he always that short!?
One of the top 5 in all the universes. Impressive.
– Daishinkan is even stronger than Whis!
– It doesn’t work when he’s already there, dummy…
– Zamasu the environmentalist.

Next time: “Black Goku Rematch! Super Saiyan Rose Appears!!”


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