91 Days 07

The family feud comes to a head, and Avilio – I mean Angelo – is right in the center of it all.

“A Poor Player”

Here we have┬áthe downfall of Frate, as it has been a long time coming. Pretty much everything he’s been up to has painted his eventual fall as glaringly obvious. This time we see Ronaldo passing him drugs of some kind, which clearly was help in his manipulation. He also couldn’t have possibly believed what he was doing for the best of the family. Just consider the moment his ‘friend’ yelled at him for being a child, and the confidence in leadership that instills in someone.

Avilio’s plotting strikes again, with the manipulation of a higher up underling to do his dirty work, and get the wheels turning. It was also fun to see the confrontation being set-up. With the kill or be killed situation set up, it was really the manipulation of Fio Vanetti that sealed the deal. She didn’t want her family breaking up over all of this, and was obviously more set on that than her relationship with the Gallasia.

Well that’s quite a story, and another great manipulation at the hands of Avilio. With the death of Frate and Ronaldo, everything is in place to keep the family safe for the time being and set to attack from the shadows at any moment. Masterfully done, but at quite a price. It would be interesting to see the Don’s perspective on this, but it really was a brothers’ feud. I suppose he’s being held back as the final boss of this series, and his importance will be rediscovered in this second leg of the story. Perhaps it’s Avilio’s goal to take down all the big crime families in the wake of his revenge plot.

Episode Score
7.8/10 (Good)

91 Days - 07 - Frates End

Extra thoughts:
– Are they still plot twists if they’re expected?
– “Please don’t kill my bro- hey down there!”
– Sudden passing of time by newspaper montage cliche.
– When did he remove the bullets from that gun?
– With a look like that, she should be the new Don.


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