Mob Psycho 100 – 06

Mob goes esper hunting, but little does he know there could be one closer than he thinks. Or they’re just everywhere.

“Discord ~To Become One~”

It’s all about Ritsu’s moral dilemma this week, and he is by far the most interesting character going. Sure, Mob has his crazy hidden power likely controlled by some evil spirit, but that’s obvious. Ritsu is intriguing. He’s been lifted up as the best all his life but wants the one thing he doesn’t have more than anything else. It’s just not fair. He could have kept those feelings in the background his whole life, but instead he has chosen to act on them. The consequences could define the rest of the series.

Reigen seemed to be the biggest joke of the series from the get-go, but he’s really shown his true colors as of late – he’s a great guy somehow! He’s still a scammer and an opportunist, but his heart is there. And speaking of those with heart, the body improvement club continues to be such an amazing group of characters. It’s fun to see them so gung-ho about everything, including training Mob, but I really didn’t expect to see Musashi helping out Onigawara.

Mob gets to deal with the telepathy club a bit more, and actually goes on a date with Kurata! They have quite the interesting dynamic, considering he’s emotionless and she is a tripped out Haruhi without the powers. It’s interesting that a lot of people seem to know about Mob’s powers,¬†and aren’t really that freaked out by it. Mezato is just trying to get a good story for the school paper, instead of blowing the lid off of the next step in human evolution and super powers. Now what about that adult esper that Mob felt some serious dark vibes from?

A lot happened with Ritsu this week, actually. The awakening lab looks like it could be either important or completely useless down the line, but it did offer up some good laughs. The group of ‘espers’ that guy had gathered were classic. They all have names though, so it’s likely we’ll be seeing more of them. But the big thing was Ritsu’s rather evil framing of the delinquent Onigawara. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment, and Ritsu knew it – and was affected so much so that it may have just awakened something inside of him. Seeing that messed up spoon and his hair raise, if only for a moment, raised my hair (oh and dimple returned). That could all be really big, and a brother versus brother fight would be fantastic down the line.

Episode Score
8.7/10 (Very Good)

Mob Psycho 100 - 06 - Hidden Power
Tempted by the dark side he is.

Extra thoughts:
– Spiritual, not psychic. That explains it?
– Lots of random creeps on the street these days.
– What was in the student council president’s room!?
– Oh, Dimple has returned!

Next time: “Exaltation ~I’ve Obtained Loss~”


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