Re:Zero 20

Equip your best gear, bring the battle flasks, mount up, and prepare for the biggest raid boss of the season so far.

“Wilhelm van Astrea”

This whole episode was one right old raid encounter. It had been a long time coming too, considering the severe lack of any action for the past several weeks. Watching the super-cute wolf kids riding around with the super battle-hardened Crusch and a lot of high tech weaponry had its entertaining moments. Subaru even continues his upswing of being a reasonable and not completely moronic main character, despite his desire to bask in the brightness of his success. And Rem continues to follow him to crazy lengths, but at this point good on her for the commitment. So how was the battle overall? Pretty decent, with some impressive over-the-top moments from Wilhelm van Astrea.

Wilhelm was really the subject of this episode, much more than the whale or the battle. The flashbacks to his meetings with Theresia were almost unbearably romantic, with the fantastic twist (yes we already knew) that she wore the pants in their eventual relationship. Their entire arc is probably a better condensed story than the entirety of this arc so far, and it would be nice to see a little more of it. But at the same time, that’s about all there is. What will the fate of Wilhelm be? I do hope that as he is swallowed in to the white whale, he joins his love in some alternate dimension or she’s got a nice little cottage in there.

So there are multiple white whales, which we probably should have seen coming. It had remarkable stamina and the fog allowed it to hide its pod quite well. My only problem with this turn of events is that it will be impossible for our heroes to just win the fight by their own means. It essentially writes the next part of the story in to a corner of deus ex machina, or rather deus ex Emilia – at least that’s what I’m expecting. Some great power will come to save the day, or Subaru will reset again and wipe all his progress.

There’s really not much to talk about this week other than the fact a battle happened, and it’s not quite over yet. The final interesting point I can think of is the moment Subaru used himself as a decoy once again. We saw the witch, if only a shadow, and only for a moment. There are some really good things, story-wise, that can come of her character and the reasoning behind Subaru’s existence. I maintain high hopes that it doesn’t go to waste.

Episode Score
8.4/10 (Very Good)

Re Zero - 20 - I Stab At Thee
From hell’s heart, I stab at thee.
Re Zero - 20 - Theresia van Astrea
The true master.

Extra thoughts:
– Wilhelm’s love story, obviously better than Twilight.
– Wait, where did they get tesla cannons from!?
– The “night banisher” is cool.
– A sword with no regard for range, also cool.
– Phase two end, enrage timer depleted! Blow all your cooldowns!
– Theresia is the boss of this show now.
– Suddenly best girl by far.
– The ED makes me feel for Emilia more than the entire show so far.


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