91 Days 06

It’s easy to make someone fall for the second easiest trick in the book when they think they’re avoiding the easiest.

“To Slaughter a Pig”

With a title like that, you could probably see what was coming. This episode had a little bit of everything in it, from character drama to full on action. If anything, it was the kind of episode that this show needs to pull off every week to be more than just the sum of its parts. Just like a good lasagna, the layers need to be well balanced.

Fango really brought is insanity A-game this time around. It was a nice touch that Nero and Avilio really knew how to play to that insanity as well. When you’re called out by a maniac who’s about to kill you, there’s probably no other better choice than to respond in kind. On the end of the episode, I’m not quite sure how none of the Orco lieutenants saw that coming. They knew who they were dealing with, and all of the signs were there. Either way, I look forward to Fango and his antics with the Orco family business a little bit more now than I once did.

The entire plot to deliver Don Orco to Fango was rather fun to watch. Everything from Nero showing up at the Orco restaurant to the attempts to poison the liquor was all very well executed. The dialogue between Nero and his enemies in this episode is exactly what this show needs – fun yet tense situations. If it can’t be all action, all the time, it better well work with the set-up it has going. And thanks in part to Nero’s smooth talking, he’s not dead yet. What will happen with him and his gang is really yet to be seen, but with their enemies falling, it’s not looking good for the rest of the Vanetti family.

It did seem a little early for Avilio to finally be offing one of his major targets, considering he was planning to use Nero to get to Don Vanetti. Fortunately, he was pulling Lelouch vi Britannia┬álevels of subterfuge and double fake-outs on this plan to take out Orco. My first thought was at the apparent shooting of Nero was slight shock at the fact he actually had the guts to take it so far so quick, and then I played out all the options in my head. Could it be a fake-out? Would he rattle off all his deepest secrets in front of a still-alive Nero? Turns out he would, if he could get Nero to believe it was all a ruse. But the problem I have there is that Nero would pretty damn well remember the Lagusa family, considering what he said around the campfire not too long ago. The way it was presented though seems to have Nero never hearing the actual name that Avilio used to convince Orco, and rather just thinking he was avenging ‘his father’ and not Testa Lagusa. A smart trick, but not overly well-implemented for┬áthe viewer. In the end, Avilio has really managed to turn every situation around in his favor, including pitting the Vanetti against their own blood.

Episode Score
8.1/10 (Very Good)

Extra thoughts:
– “I can barely eat a bite”… eats every bite.
Canadian Club.
– Were they all eating the Orco-lasagna too!?


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