Mob Psycho 100 – 05

That was heavy – and explosive.

“OCHIMUSA ~Psychic Powers and Me~”

Very much unlike One-Punch ManMob Psycho is really pushing the dramatic element in with its comedy, and it’s doing so spectacularly. While Saitama mainly dealt with the boredom of being the best, Mob is a genuinely complex character. His emotional state may be shown clearly to us, but what triggers it really matters. He fears hurting others, is saddened by his lack of control, really just wants to fit in, and is fighting something really powerful deep down inside. It’s great he had someone around to give him some reasonable guida- ah hell, it was Reigen again.

Teru started this fight out quite clearly as Mob’s opposite – a rival that had everything Mob didn’t. Although, Teru’s friends, popularity, and confidence all stem from his psychic powers. What happens when you take them away? Him and Mob are quite alike. The scenes of Mob laying in to Teru with his words instead of his powers were so, well, powerful. It really made me believe that Mob is a smart, well-meaning kid, despite his gullibility and lack of social skills. Teru definitely learns a lot from him in this episode.

The fight scenes were just fantastic. In particular, the animation for some of the big power moves by Teru, as Mob was forced through different sections of the school, really stood out as some of the best action scenes I’ve seen in a while. Check this out Dragon Ball Super, you could learn something! Most of this is kind of to be expected, after the insanity that was One-Punch Man. It’s just that Mob hasn’t really been much of a fighter, and having this kind of scene play out where it doesn’t end in one shot is just stunning.

When I say this episode was heavy, it really hit hard in the key emotional locations. The fight between Mob and Teru was emotional in its own right, leading Mob nearly to the brink all the while testing his resolve. But it was the backstory that really got me. His powers are not a gift, so much as they are a curse. Something else is in there with Mob, and only comes out in what seems to be times of imminent danger and unconsciousness. It seems unlikely that he didn’t hurt his brother during that past incident, considering the magnitude of power he displayed this time around. Ritsu definitely knows the deal, and after seeing the news report, gave one of the most amazing “it ain’t over” faces in recent memory. It’s playing like he’ll be a major factor in the over-arching plot of this series, and I’m loving it. Fortunately, this incident resulted in a rather more poetically wonderful story, as Teru floated through the sky naked – completely humbled, as he quite deserved. The biggest moment though was Mob’s sadness explosion. It’s so great to see him affected by more than just the outwardly destructive emotions like anger and fear, and the look on his face almost had me tearing up a little bit. It totally took my by surprise that, in his sadness, Mob managed to rebuild the school – mainly because he was so sorry for what he had done. It’s moments like these that define a great show and great characters.

Episode Score
9.6/10 (Great)

Mob Psychoo 100 - 05 - Falling Skies

Extra thoughts:
– There’s nothing more threatening than a natural.
– Oh, not so inspiring after all.
– “I’m special and the world revolves around me
– Shigeo is the main character, after all.
Top of Teru’s head: 0%.
– ???%… that can’t be good.
– You can do good with your powers, Mob.
– Narration was on point.
– What about Dimple!?

Next time: “Discord ~To Become One~”


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