Re:Zero 19

Subaru rights his ship, despite leaving the one we’re all interested in to sink. His way with words has returned again, and perhaps he’s on the mend as a decent main character! Or maybe not.

“Battle Against the White Whale”

This installment has Subaru taking a step back towards respectable main character territory. Although still total wish-fulfillment in character form, he was far less insufferable this week. And he puts his newfound sanity to good use, taking advantage of his knowledge from past failures to build a great deal with the other candidates for succession. Crusch, with her special lie-detecting powers, finally approves of Subaru and his methods, while Anastasia seems to see good business in it. It’s hard to say how this will affect Emilia and Roswaal though, as Subaru is really giving away things that he has no direct stake in – but as long as he’s convincing, sell away.

The whole white whale plot seems to be quite the aside, considering the sequence of events that we’ve been dealing with over the past few weeks. It really only adds up that if they can defeat the whale, Subaru and Rem won’t have to take the long way back to the Roswaal estate. In the long term, the ordeal could really buy them a bit of bargaining power when it comes to believing the witch’s cult is a big threat. I guess we should be happy that Subaru is really putting one foot in front of the other here, instead of trying to fly right away.

So the second-in-commands of Anastasia’s army are the cutest things ever. I could see an army rallying around their orders, but really not much more than that! Other than that, the lead-up to the battle featured all of the major expected points – raising spirits, emotional meetings, and stories of past losses. It continues the trend that this show is just so stereotypical in its delivery that it’s almost getting to the point of detraction. But, the characters and larger story arch are still carrying it well.

Speaking of characters, Subaru really blew it again with Rem. What is he really expecting from Emilia after all of this? He’ll have half the heirs to the kingdom crushing (or Crusch-ing!) on him after this battle, most likely. I just feel that no matter how inventive this show could get, that it’s going to hit every romantic beat exactly the way Subaru wants it. He’s already been unnaturally lucky with Emilia during a number of his resets, and it’s unlikely that will change any time soon.

Episode Score
7.9/10 (Good)

Re Zero - 19 - Commander Mimi
The commanders of cute-army. Appropriate.

Extra thoughts:
– Subaru wasn’t an idiot, but nothing really happened.
– So the Jealous Witch created the white whale.
– Is Wilhelm’s wife’s grave inside the whale?
– The cutest of armies.
– Follow those two fools! … bad advice.

Re Zero - 19 - Follow Those Fools


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