Dragon Ball Super 54

Vegeta will never let anyone in his family forget the warrior spirit! I kind of wonder what he would say to Gohan.

“He Who Carries Saiyan Blood – Trunks’ Determination”

As per the title, a lot of this episode was about Trunks’ resolve to defeat Black. I kind of came to the same realization as him several episodes ago – why bother? Goku and Vegeta could probably beat Zeno-sama (the King of Everything, Omni-King, ect.) in a tag-team match, why not just let them destroy this minor nuisance? Because that’s not the saiyan way. It was nice of Goku, and showed a little bit of unexpected awareness, to bring Bulma out to see her son and husband training. She still didn’t seem to see the point, and the audience definitely already knows how it works, but it was still nice.

The training itself was a great fight. Trunks didn’t stand a chance, but he showed a few tricks that the underdog can pull on the obvious dominant power – trickery that is! His extra super-buff super saiyan reminiscent of DBZ almost made me choke in laughter until I realized he was using it as a trap. He’s definitely one of the smarter saiyans out there (sorry Gohan), and he would be quite the destructive force if super saiyan blue were to come in to play. It just might, but either way he will always lose to Pan.

Well Zamasu is most definitely Black. Whis showed a bit of impressive nearsightedness when he discounted the fact that we’re dealing with time travel. Thankfully Beerus offered an off-hand comment about it being the ‘start of something’. We’ve now seen how Black got his single Kaioshin earring and the time rings are nearly in his possession. The way the time rings function was moderately explained, in that there are different rings for the ‘alternate’ realities, or something like that (translation wasn’t so good this week).

The writers are really trying to build up Zamasu’s disdain for humanity and its problems with violence and chaos. What can we say about that, other than it takes all kinds? There isn’t even a concept of good without the other possible option. Those weird turtle-men on the planet the Kaioshin observed could go on to do great things, and despite the destructive power we’ve seen from past evil-doers, it apparently is never beyond the reach of the gods. Although Buu scared the Kaioshin to no end in universe 7, Beerus probably could have ended him in seconds. I do wonder how Zeno-sama stacks up as well, and we might find out a little more about that next week!

Episode Score
7.5/10 (Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 054 - Super Trunks

Extra thoughts:
– Visualization isn’t making your muscles stronger, Trunks.
– Bulma is such a boss.
– How does she not remember Pilaf? He wasn’t even any taller!
– Oh young Mai…no.
– “Humanity” means all non-gods, it seems.
– But Trunks is just always blue!
– His hair was better long.
Broly retur-… oh.
– Beerus busting the table with his head was just too funny.

Next time: “I Want to Meet Son Goku – A Call from Zenō-sama”



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