91 Days 05

Hey there mob fans! Those being fans of the mafia-based crime show 91 Days that is. Just a quick look this week, as the schedule is a little busy.

Blood Will Have Blood”

This episode really got the wheels rolling in a better direction than I expected the show to go. The other Vanetti son has really stepped up to the plate, giving out the orders now – and the subterfuge in his plan to off Nero was quite nice. So much for family. I suppose that throws Avilio’s plans out the window when it comes to getting the don as well. On the other end, Don Orco continues his tirade against lasagna chefs, and seems more and more likely to be killed off any week now.

And what do you know, Fango is important again and a slightly better character for it! Best of all, the show is deviating from the simple family versus family dynamic of The Godfather towards a more unique concept. The tables turned in several directions this time around, and Avilio seems to be taking it in stride each time. He’s no Lelouch, but it’s always fun to have a slightly flawed, scheming main character.

91 Days - 05 - Betrayed
Shoot first, questions later.

Episode Score
8.6/10 (Very Good)

Wait, what do you mean their liquor is better than the imports from Canada!?


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