Summer 2016 Weekly Reactions 05 (Jul 31-Aug 7)

It’s August! The Olympics are underway, but what’s all the fuss about anyway? There’s so much anime to watch – and a lot of new sports anime if you want to sport it up.

As per usual, be sure to click on the episode titles to read the full review and check out all the screenshots!

July 31, 2016

Dragon Ball Super 53 “Expose Black’s True Identity! Head to Universe 10’s Kaioshin Realm!” – Well this episode really shone some light on the mysteries of Black and the time rings. We can be reasonably certain that Zamasu is in fact Black in this timeline, and somehow managed to get Goku’s body somewhere down the road in the alternate timeline. It’s a really interesting introduction to a villain, as the Kais have always been so benevolent. Only the gods of destruction are allowed to actually destroy anything. So despite the rather odd introduction of ‘Goku Black’, this arc as transitioned in to a much more complex look at morality and righteousness. It’ll probably end in an epic showdown with the next level of saiyan super powers, forgetting all of the nuance, but that’s pretty much par for the course. For now, let us watch the spiral downward of a once great god.
Episode Score: 8.1/10 (Very Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 053 - Fear the Goku
Better step up your game, Zamasu.

Re:Zero 18 “From Zero” – Most of this episode took place in one spot, but it was powerful none-the-less. How about Puck? Seems a little wrathful- ohhh, that makes sense I guess. Although it might be a bit of an overreaction to the death of a single girl (who seems destined to die anyway). As for Subaru, man oh man. He just couldn’t get it right, again! Sure he might be filled with some new kind of resolve after all he’s been through, but he’s still hitting that “main character” persona hard. He totally didn’t learn anything! He still wants to be the hero! And poor, poor Rem. The general consensus seems to be that she is the ‘best girl’ going, considering Emilia’s distance and everyone else’s very understandable disinterest. That speech was just so fantastic, and he responds with a “sorry but naw”? He barely even knows Emilia! She’s just the first cute girl he saw in this world! Oh well…
Episode Score: 9.2/10 (Great)

Re Zero - 18 - Love Is Real
“I love you!”… “I love Emilia.”

August 02, 2016

Mob Psycho 100 – 04 “Idiots Only Event ~Kin~” – This show has suddenly become so complex. Well, it’s still hilariously simple at times, but overall the plot really thickened here this week. Mob is dealing with Dimple, inter-school rivalries explode, family matters arise, and Mob is apparently the deity of a new religion left in the wake of his efforts last week. Dimple is a fun, audience perspective kind of character. The honest straight-shooter. Otherwise, this episode’s MVP goes to the body improvement club for their impressive abilities and looking out for the little guy. Way cooler than that lame telepathy club or whatever. We’re set up for a great esper battle this week between Mob and the new kid on the block – should be over the top!
Episode Score: 9.1/10 (Great)

Mob Psycho 100 - 04 - Body Perfection
Fear the improved.

August 05, 2016

91 Days 05 “Blood Will Have Blood” – [FULL REVIEW COMING SOON] – Wait, what do you mean it’s better than the imports from Canada!? Anyway, this episode really got the wheels rolling in a better direction than I expected the show to go. The other Vanetti son has really stepped up to the plate, giving out the orders now – and the subterfuge in his plan to off Nero was quite nice. So much for family. I suppose that throws Avilio’s plans out the window when it comes to getting the don as well. And what do you know, Fango is important again and a slightly better character for it! Best of all, the show is deviating from the simple family versus family dynamic of The Godfather towards a more unique concept. The tables turned in several directions this time around, and Avilio is taking it in stride each time.
Episode Score: 8.6/10 (Very Good)

91 Days - 05 - Betrayed
Trust in the family…


Busy week! Check back next time, and keep an eye out for more quick looks at ReLIFE and the Naruto Shippuden binge.


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