Mob Psycho 100 – 04

Mob is essentially the god that Dimple wants to be, but he’s too busy chasing muscles and popularity. That can lead to more trouble than using psychic powers! Just know that the body improvement club takes care of their own.

“Idiots Only Event ~Kin~”

This show has suddenly become so complex. Well, it’s still hilariously simple at times, but overall the plot really thickened here this week. Mob is dealing with Dimple, inter-school rivalries explode, family matters arise, and Mob is apparently the deity of a new religion left in the wake of his efforts last week. First things first though, we have Dimple (Ekubo/えくぼ). A little less menacing yet still rather conniving, his purpose in this story is yet to be known. It’s great to have a voice of somewhat reason speaking over Mob’s shoulder though, as he could really use some common sense instruction every now and then. As for looking to take over the world, or at least Mob’s body, that’s pretty far out of reach for the new Dimple.

Mob’s brother, Kageyama Ritsu is a far more complex character than he was initially painted. He’s got everything that Mob could ever want, except what Mob has. It would be pretty tough growing up with a sibling gifted with extraordinary powers and never develop them yourself. Despite all this, he’s still kind and concerned for his brother. He won’t sell him out or throw him under the bus.  Part of Ritu’s storyline this week was the school reporter, Mezato, and her interest in Mob. And it’s true, Mob could probably be popular if he used his powers to his advantage, but it’s just no the kind of guy he is.

It was pretty clear that Teru was a psychic from the moment we first saw him. There was bound to be some other psychics around, and with great power comes evil people. Not sure if that’s how that line goes, but it’s true none the less. And it could be hard to call him evil, but he certainly is the bad guy – but he also represents the human condition quite accurately. What do people do with power? Use it to their benefit, usually. I can’t really blame him – middle school would be so much easier with your own personal army.

On the other end of the spectrum, Mob kind of has his own force. The already nearly perfect body improvement club is a force to be reckoned with, and Onigawara prods the sleeping lions. He tried to persuade them, but their bodies aren’t for petty things such as fighting! What they are used for is protecting their club members.

The visual insanity of this series continues to explode across the screen in fantastic ways. So many of the still shots are beyond hilarious perfection, and the action is just so much fun. A lot of it this week was boosted by the comic genius that is the body improvement club. I couldn’t be happier that Mob went with them instead of the cliched psychic club or whatever they were. They might have some impact later, but right now body improvement is the name of the game. The displays of psychic powers are appropriately over-the-top, and I can’t wait for the showdown that looks to be brewing for next week.

Episode Score
9.1/10 (Great)

Mob Psycho 100 - 04 - Body Perfection
Fear the improvement.

Extra thoughts:
– Just far too many great still shots.
– Photoshop is the ultimate psychic tool.
– Say no to violence, kids.
– That’s no hostage, it’s a landmine!
– Now if only he were a cyborg.

Next time: “OCHIMUSHA ~Psychic Powers and Me~”


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