Re:Zero 18

A series of dramatic monologues was really in order for Subaru and Rem, and they finally deliver. At least one of them managed to be completely honest and developed as an interesting character. Guess who!

“From Zero”

Well, Puck is an interesting character all of a sudden. Perhaps not the most logical or thoughtful being in this story, considering his goal to destroy the world after Emilia’s death. In fact, if he’s been around for an eternity, why is the death of one half-elf girl such a big hit? If I had to go with pinning a sin on him, it would be wrath. For some reason that seems to be a thing in this series, although yet to really be explained. What we know is that Betelgeuse is slothful, and the White Whale is gluttony. Another little tidbit from the wrathful Puck was that Satella, the jealous witch, had thousands of shadowy invisible arms – another connection to Subaru’s strange plight.

It’s time for another round of seemingly futile resets. This one, however, features powerful assertions and overtly positive messages incorporating the name of the show! Well it didn’t start with that. As I probably would have done in Subaru’s insane situation, he decides to run away and live his life with the enchanting Rem – everyone’s sudden best girl. And really, there’s some logic to that. The country they’re in is pretty messed up, political discourse is growing, evil cults threaten existence, an ego-maniacal mad-man threatens to make his plans a reality, and a jealous witch stays quiet in the background. Hey wait. I try not to make this about current affairs, but I think Subaru wants to move to Canada. Rem’s response is so wonderfully heartfelt and honest to the point that she continues to steal the spotlight at every turn.

There comes a time in everyone’s life (hopefully earlier than later) that they really reflect on who they are as a person. Subaru is having his time. Better yet is that he has someone that loves him there to weigh in on his self observations. And Rem couldn’t have hit the nail on the head any harder if she wanted to. A lot of people don’t realize that they only know themselves, and that’s not always the best representation of their actual affects on those around them. How many times have you heard someone argue “you don’t know me”? It’s such a tired and faulty assertion, as the true you is the one that people see, and the fake construct is what you convince yourself. You are what others make of you, in a sense. So the next time you think someone doesn’t ‘know you’ or ‘get you’, think about how you present yourself to them and know that is what truly matters. If you want them to know you, it’s your prerogative to show them how you want to be known. On the flip side, you might also want to listen to how they see you. So good work Rem on setting Subaru straight, I’m sure you’ll be duly rewarded!

Aaaand, he blew it. Likely his worst decision to date. Rem just painted the image of perfection in front of him and he responds with his seemingly undying love for another. I’m not exactly playing favorites here, as Emilia is pretty great herself, but it all deserves a bit of an analytical look. Emilia puts up with Subaru, and occasionally finds him somewhat entertaining, but she’s busy with the bigger picture. If anything, he’s built an image of her that she has failed to live up to several times now, and that’s not a healthy mindset. Rem, on the other hand, has had quite an interesting journey to be at Subaru’s side. They’ve saved each other numerous times during their adventures together. I can’t deny that I definitely expected this response though, as Subaru’s main character syndrome is as active as ever, and he knows what the main character always gets – the perfect princess. In this case though, being with the maid isn’t settling, it’s an upgrade*.

Story commentary aside, this episode did a great job at what it set out to do. After another reset, we really needed a big out-pouring of emotion and honesty from Subaru that he seemed incapable of up until this point. The fact that it was done all in one location is a testament to the writing and acting, as the visuals were barely necessary. Am I back on Subaru’s side though? Definitely not. He merely realized that the way he was going about trying to be the hero was wrong, and now he’s going to be the most awesome hero the right way! Whatever that means. But it likely means more action and drama ahead, and hopefully some more insight in to the real shadowy workings of this fantasy world.

Episode Score
9.2/10 (Great)

Re Zero - 18 - Love Is Real
She’s the one!

Extra thoughts:
-* Please don’t treat women like purchases, despite my analogy…
– 20 minutes of this episode was standing in one spot.
– Really not many screenshots needed for this one.
– Music makes the feels stronger.
– Just stop making her cry, dammit!


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