Dragon Ball Super 53

After a short delay in reviews, Cloudy is back! This week in Dragon Ball, how can Goku screw up all of existence this time? Well that’s exactly the problem… time.

“Expose Black’s True Identity! Head to Universe 10’s Kaioshin Realm!”

The kaioshin thing has always been pretty interesting. The hierarchy of gods now stretches up from the kami of a planet all the way to the King of Everything. Dende is the kami of Earth. Our good friend King Kai is the god of the ‘west’. The Kaioshin, or supreme kai, of universe 7 was a major player back in the Buu saga. And the gods of destruction are the ones out of the hierarchy that get to, well, destroy. It all adds up rather well. The only thing that still remains a large mystery is Whis, and the others like him. There’s a lot of potential for a future villain in there somewhere.

Goku remains a giant knob. He is so bubbly and happy to fight, and he’s finally found somebody that it really bothers. To be fair to all the characters that let this potential disaster-causing fight happen, Beerus and Whis needed to find out about Zamasu’s power and the old kaioshin wanted to test his pupil. Zamasu is an interesting character as well, with strong conviction and the clear will to do good for the universe. A good kaioshin candidate to be sure, despite his obvious problems with being a little too controlling. If something’s causing you problems, the answer usually shouldn’t be to wipe it out of existence. Even with the best of intentions, he still has a dark heart.

Back in the strange life of Future Trunks, who has to deal with some really messed up situations, there’s love triangles and former foes. Yes, that ‘love triangle’ is with two versions of himself and a child. Now that’s especially messed up. Pilaf, for some reason, wants to play match-maker, and I wholly approve. As for crazy realizations in the alternate timeline from his own, Trunks gets to meet back up with the lovely Android 18! Well, she wasn’t so lovely to him and then he killed her, but that was a different time. Now she’s a cool mom! I’m glad this was brought up, because the change in 18 really brings to light the fickle nature of morality behind some of the most profound battles in the history of Dragon Ball, and that we all need a little bit more 18 in our lives.

I was skeptical up until the final moments of this episode, but I think we have a pretty clear indication now of who Black really is – namely Zamasu. And the big twist, it was Goku that caused him to go down such a dark path. He didn’t even know about the time rings before this encounter either! His disdain for human kind was there before, but after getting his butt handed to him by a far too chipper Goku, he’s finally decided. It’s time to kill all the humans. Now technically Goku is a saiyan, but it is a rather humanoid species. The real questions now are, will the team have to fight future Black and newly Black, and are the multiple time-rings going to come in to play? With the number of them that seem to exist, there could be a tactical team of time-traveling Z-warriors in our future. The loop has already begun, but perhaps there’s a way out of it sometime.

Episode Score
8.1/10 (Very Good)

Alas, there is no more J-san. Well, he still exists, I’m sure, but I have abandoned my shared dwelling with him. There will undoubtedly be input from J-san in the future about Dragon Ball, but on a less frequent basis. I look forward to more collaborations in the future, and even picking up more writers!

Dragon Ball Super - 053 - Fear the Goku

Extra thoughts:
– Welcome to planet 4032-Green-877, Universe 7. I mean, Earth.
– I guess even planets need phone numbers?
– Android 18 is savage. Causing Trunks some serious PTSD.
– Is that a flux capacitor?
– “Are you rehearsing for a play or something?”… Yes.
– That kaioshin had never heard of dessert…
– DBS meets Looper meets Lord of the Rings.

Next time: “He Who Carries Saiyan Blood, Trunks’ Determination”


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