91 Days 04

Oh the summer road trip, camping, and being chased by hulking contract killers. Just another day in prohibition era America!

“Losing to Win, and What Comes After”

There were some very humanizing moments this week for some rather bland characters so far. The off-screen happenings, like whatever that car crash and driving instruction might have been, really works to the show’s favor. It gives a sense of time to the situation, and allowed for us to skip along a little bit to the real bonding moments between Avilio and Nero. The performance at the auto camp taught the two a little bit about each other that they may have not suspected.

Sitting around the campfire was the key moment of this episode. Avilio got to prod Nero a little bit for information on his involvement with the death of Avilio’s family. It may not have been a wise move though, at least it wouldn’t be for most people, as it really shows off the humanity of your enemy. It was his first job, at 14 years old, and it went bad. How can you wholly blame someone for that, and not put at least a part of it on your own father? Well, at least Avilio knows there’s a fourth man out there somewhere. I wonder what kind of twist that will entail.

The Mexican Goliath was probably a better villain than Fango, and he didn’t even last the week. Rather menacing, and mildly bullet-proof, he was a formidable foe with serious skills. It kind of makes you wonder how Fango had been getting out of all the fights with these guys alive, if they could take this guy down. That scene in the bar was just nuts, as Nero must have been pretty smashed to let the obvious hit-man handcuff him with an arm wrestling match. That was just inviting a mean left hook.

And with that, I suppose they’re back on the road going nowhere. Pretty much everything that I have been expecting is happening. Avilio is getting close to his target, possibly too close, and learning more about what happened that fateful day from the other side. If I had to guess, he might come to defend his newfound ally against the unseen influence who seems to be aiding him. The old saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, is definitely applying here somewhere. How exactly is yet to be seen.

Episode Score
7.8/10 (Good)

91 Days - 04 - Pwned.gif
Don’t worry, he wins the next round… with a car.

Extra thoughts:
– Hey there flashback. Hindsight sure is 20/20.
– Shut up Nero, that’s exactly how one enjoys pancakes. Syrup-drenched.
– Meal for two? One dollar.
– Flatte’s name has now been clarified to Frate. Still weird.
– They absolutely rekt him with that car. Nice shot!
– Pineapple cake is amazing.
– How the heck did he get up there?


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